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Underwater Kinetics 4AA Class 1 Div 2 Xenon Flashlight



The biggest selling certified 4AA lights in the world.

The 4AA Xenon Front Switch matches high performance with a sleek, compact design that can be operated with gloves. A xenon bulb provides vibrant color clarity.  It is the most reliable, cost-effective flashlight you’ll ever own.
This fully accessorized worklight can be mounted on a hard hat or fire helmet, carried in a belt pouch or used to direct traffic. A necessity for confined space workers, utilities, municipalities, firefighters, safety inspectors, etc.

  • 2.1 watt high brightness xenon filled lamp
  • Rubber sheath molded over bezel to reduce glare and improve impact resistance (passes UL 30 ft drop to concrete test)
  • Push-button thumb switch
  • Pre-focused high intensity spot beam
  • Easy loading drop-in battery compartment for quick reload of batteries
  • Hydrogen scrubber catalyst, polarized battery contacts and 0-psi vent minimize explosive risk from leaking batteries
  • Tough, non-corroding ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Dimensions (L W H): 6.10 in x 1.60 in x 1.40 in (15.49 cm x 4.06 cm x 3.56 cm)
  • Lamp Type:  XENON
  • Battery Type: Alkaline Disposable
  • Battery Description: 4AA Alkaline / LR6
  • Burn Time (Alkaline): 4-5 hours
  • Light Output (Alkaline): 38 lumens
  • Weight: 5.50 oz. (155.92 g)
  • Beam Distance:                 311 ft. (94.79 m)
  • Enclosure Protection: IP67
  • Depth Rating: 10 ft. (3.05 m)
Incandescent and Xenon Technology

UK pioneered the miniaturization of Xenon lamps for use in flashlights. At UK they strive to make lights which produce the maximum brightness, with minimum size, and most efficient use of energy. For years technology limited their selection of light sources to incandescent lamps. They found that off-the-shelf lamps were never bright enough and produced light which was often too yellow. The only solution was to work with selected lamp manufacturers to produce custom lamps to meet their specifications which burned whiter and more efficiently.

Incandescent lamp design for flashlights always gets down to three major parameters, color temperature, power, lamp life. These must be adjusted for the needs of the application. Unfortunately they are all linked together. When one is pushed to the limits the others may suffer.

Lamps used in UK lights are designed to operate at the highest color temperature without getting too close to the burnout temperature (3000° - 3200° K.) They are filled with high pressure xenon gas (the best and most expensive) to retard filament evaporation and when necessary, some have small amounts of halogen gas added. High performance lamps may cost a little more, but the benefit is a whiter beam of light which makes illuminated objects appear more natural.
  • UL Class I Div 2 ATEX
  • AMERICAN standards
  • UL (US, Canada) Approved
  • CL I, DIV 2, GP A, B, C, D, CL II, DIV 2 GP G, CL III, DIV 2 T2A
*NOTE: Rated when using Duracell PC1500, Energizer E91/EN91 or Rayovac AL-AA/815 1.5 V alkaline AA-cells. Although other types of batteries may work in this light, they have not been rated for use in hazardous locations.

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Good product, dissapointing delivery


Good product.

There are better choices


DO NOT MIX BATTERIES, had one detonate in my pocket from accidentally have one old battery, and the hydrogen gas buildup didn't vent.


"will this fit & is this OEM for the Pacific R3T?"

It sure looks like it should fit, don't know if this is an OEM for this helmet, but the part number is listed as 1 of the lights that should fit the helmet.

"When the LED burns out, is it easy to replace? Thank you."

Sorry LED's do not burn out, so there won't be a need to replace it