Simulaids Deluxe Xtreme Trauma Moulage Kit



Matching the Xtreme series of moulage, this kit gives you all the ingredients

This package, made up of all of the new moulage from the Xtreme and the Xtreme2 trauma moulage kits allows you to have the entire collection of explosion and chemical burn wounds in one case.
The silicone product wounds demonstrate high detail molding and painting to bring the suspension of disbelief into your mass casualty incidents. The majority of the wounds exhibit bleeding properties when hooked up to a blood supply bag (included with the kit).
The accessories included with the kit allow you to add more detail to the victims and the two glue varieties attach the wounds to either volunteers (Skin Tite) or manikins (spirit gum).
A carry box is included.
Kit Contains:
1Xtreme Exit Gunshot Palm800-001
1Xtreme Face Burn 3rd Degree800-002
1Xtreme Eviserated Intestine800-003
1Xtreme Forearm Avulsion Wflap800-004
1Xtreme Impaled Stick800-005
1Xtreme Exit Wound800-006
1Xtreme 12cm Laceration800-007
1Xtreme Electrical Palm Burn800-008
1Xtreme Interm Shotgun Entry800-009
1Xtreme .45cal Close Entry800-010
1Xtreme Open Fracture Tibia800-011
1Xtreme Open Fracture Femur800-012
1Xtreme Open Fracture Clavicle800-013
1Open Wrist Fracture800-602
1Open Rib Fracture800-603
1Half Face Chemical Burn800-604
1Rt Hand 4th Deg Chemical Burn800-605
1Dorsal Hand 4th Deg Chem Burn800-606
1Open Humorous Fracture800-607
1Exposed Denture Avulsion800-608
1Open Skull Fracture800-609
1Burned Face800-613
1Skin Laceration800-614
1Major Muscle Laceration800-616
1Open Ankle Dislocation800-618
1Disposable Tape Remover Pads800-619
1Glycerin, 1 Oz.800-847
1Powdered Charcoal, 2 Oz.800-854
1Carry Case Silver 20" ShallowPP0338
1Carton 20 1/4 X 11 X 9 1/4 RscPP0339
1Skin Tite & Thi-vex KitPP0503
1Instruct Kit/815/816/818/819SA1004
1Tongue Depressor/spatula ComboSA800
1Red Grease Paint, 2 Oz.800-218
1White Grease Paint, 2 Oz.800-220
1Brown Grease Paint, 2 Oz.800-221
1Blue Grease Paint, 2 Oz800-222
1Casualty Simulation Wax, 8 Oz.800-223
1Blood Powder Pkg For 1 Gallon800-225
1Coagulant Blood, 4 Oz.800-226
1Methyl Cellulose For Blood800-228
1Broken Glass800-230
1Spirit Gum, 1 Oz W/brush800-232
All parts come in a carry case for easy transport to and from your scenarios.

21" x 11" x 10"
Weight: 18 lbs.

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