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Simulaids 140 IV Training Arm & Hand

$433.95 - $731.95
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Purchase both together, or each individually. These realistic models let students master detailed exercises in venipuncture before practicing on live patients.

Detailed exercises in venipuncture can be mastered on a realistic model before administration to live patients. Demonstrate sterile technique, sharps injury protection, taping and securing techniques, and infusion or withdrawal procedures.
  • Supple but durable PVC “skin” material replicates the texture and feel of human skin
  • Student can palpate the arm and hand to properly locate injection or withdrawal sites
  • When the vein is located and the needle inserted, blood may be drawn or fluid injected.
  • Both Arm and Hand are made to withstand repeated use.
  • Inexpensive replacement skin, veins, and injection sites make these trainers highly cost-effective.

Features include:

  • Lifelike vein roll-over
  • Durable for repeated use
  • Palpation of vein for location
  • Characteristic "pop" can be felt when needle penetrates vein
  • Carry tray and blood included

IV Arm & Hand available as a single unit or individually, along with replacement IV Reservoir Bags and Simulated Blood Powder. Inexpensive replacement skin, veins, and injection sites are also available. All can be easily installed in the field.

See Operating Manual for more details.

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