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Pi-Lit ICS Sequential LED Rechargeable Flares

$93.39 - $858.39
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The Pi-Lit Ice Cream Sandwich "smart flare" incorporates a novel radio-linked network to automatically sequence the flash.

Rechargeable System
  • 24-30 hours of continuous flash
  • All rechargeable sets include:
    Carrying/Charging case
    DC car charger plug
    AC wall charger plug
Approaching vehicles see a sequential string of flares much like a runaway landing "rabbit" that warns and guides traffic around the incident. Easy to deploy; single button press; an advance in traffic guidance and safety.

Small and rugged, perfect for police, fire, first responders, maintenance crews, DOT safety workers, etc. ICS sequential flares are designed to replace traditional magnesium perchlorate flame flares. They are quick and easy to deploy and provide warning plus directional information not available with flame or other flares on the market.

  • Powered by Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery
  • Charge time from death battery: ~4 hours
  • Battery life:Nominal: 24-36 hours
  • 360 degree horizontal viewing angle, 180 degree vertical viewing angle
  • 50+ foot range (15.2 meters) between flares (when on ground)
  • Rugged, can be driven over, dropped
  • IP66. Use in all types of weather (rain, snow, ice, fog)
  • No limit to the number of flares in a string
  • 1-year manufacturers' warranty
  • Battery status check with push of a button
  • Magnetic base (can attach to back of vehicle to create light bar)
  • Five flash patterns to choose from (change patterns to all flares from any single flare)
  • Simultaneous flash pattern
  • 12 bright side LEDs, 4 bright top LEDs
  • Automatically selects top or side LEDs based on angle orientation of flare (lockable)
  • Top LEDs will bright light up inside of cone
  • Turn off all flares with one button
  • Reverse sequence mode
  • Includes carry case (with purchase of multi-paks), Car Charger, Wall Charger

WARN AND GUIDE: "Moving" light is more effective at alerting and guiding drivers than random-flashing stationary patterns. Enhance the safety of your team, family, self by using sequential warning lights.

Save your money: Think of it like this; sparking an incendiary flare is like burning a $2 bill. And that buys you 15 minutes. When was your last 15 minute incident? So you most often are crisscrossing 2 flares at increasing cost. 5 incidents and you pay for a set of rechargeable sequential Pi-Lit® LED flares...and they keep paying you back.

Protect your health, environment, and pants: Flame flares are dangerous, period. Breathing in the magnesium fumes, accidental fire, flammable spills, water runoff pollution, holes in your pants; the list of negatives go on, much like the cost of fuse flares.

Simple yet intelligent: Single button to turn on. That's it! The flares will sequence themselves. No programming or pre-numbering of these bad-boys. The flares communicate with one another to establish their position.

Rugged and Compact: Designed to be run-over, the flares can withstand the harsh environment of a roadway while stowing small in vehicle or motorcycle.

1 mile | 1.5 km visibility: With 12 bright through-hole side LEDs and 4 bright surface mount top LEDs, the flare can light up a desired path visible over a mile on the road. A single lamp has to be large to be seen a mile away, but 10 lamps flashing in sequence creates a 100+foot arrow on the roadway.

50 ft | 15 m range: 50+ foot range (15 meters) between flares (when on the ground), 1,000 ft | 300 m when placed on top of a cone. No limit to the number of flares in a string.


Control All From One: Any one flare controls the entire network of flares. Change any parameter (e.g., pattern) on all flares from any single flare. That flare will send a message to the network of flares and will change their patterns as well. In addition, no need to turn off each flare. The user can do a "group off" from any flare and all the flares will turn off.

5 Patterns: There are five patterns the user can choose from. Four of the patterns are sequential and one simultaneous flash.

Group Frequency Channels: The are times when you want two groups of flares to work together or not work together. Now with Pi-Lit's easy group channel (frequency) programming feature the operator can change the group frequency on multiple sets at once.

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