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Nonin Reusable Articulated Finger Clip Pulse Oximeter Sensor

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Accurate readings with PureLight technology

Nonin Medical has designed the PureLight reusable sensors for patients of all sizes and clinical presentations. The reusable sensors are ideal for short-term monitoring, stress testing, spot checks or any situation where the risk of cross-contamination is low. A comfortable sensor, each is designed for a specific application and is form-fitted to decrease ambient light interference.
The PureLight Principle

Red and infrared light sources (LEDs) are essential to pulse oximetry sensors.
  • The red LED measures deoxygenated hemoglobin
  • The infrared LED measures oxygenated hemoglobin
Common red LEDs may produce a secondary spectrum emission (contamination)
  • Contamination impacts the oxygenated hemoglobin measurement
  • LED contamination affects an oximeter's calibration curve resulting in inaccurate SpO2 readings below 80%
PureLight red LEDs only produce the pure light spectrum
  • PureLight LEDs do not cause a shift in the oximeter's calibration curve at SpO2 levels below 80%
  • Nonin PureLight sensors eliminate variations in readings from patient to patient and sensor to sensor
  • Hard plastic construction
  • Length: 3ft/1m

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