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Line2 Design Deluxe Heavy Duty 2 Wheel Stair Chair



Deluxe Heavy Duty 2 Wheel Stair Chair

The LINE2design EMS Deluxe Heavy Duty Emergency Evacuation 2-Wheel Stair Chair has an extra sturdy 2” tubular frame in bright yellow for easy visibility. The Stair Chair comes with a heavy duty black all-impervious vinyl seat and backrest that is durable and easy to clean.

A heavy duty, 2” crossbody, quick release restraint straps provide extra safety to the patient during transport or while moving up or down stairs. Safety straps should be used at all times while a patient is in the chair.

This Stair Chair features two 4.5” rear wheels that make easier transportation on most surfaces. Front and back handles provide easier handling, the back 2 handles are used to support the chair while moving the patient, the back handles are non-locking and used for upward lift. The front two handles on the evacuation stair chair, telescope out to 14 ¼”, and lock into place to provide the best possible leverage when lifting the patient. It is recommended to always use the Heavy Duty 2-Wheel Evacuation Stair Chair with two people for added safety.

  • Model # 70015-Y
  • Dimensions: 41” x 21.5“ x 31”
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Max. Load: 400 lbs

  • Easy set-up.
  • Molded hand grips.
  • Folds compactly for efficient storage.
  • Bright yellow frame for high visibility.
  • Head-end and foot-end lift handles.
  • Rear wheel brakes (both wheels).
  • Black all-impervious vinyl seat/ back rest.
  • Heavy Duty 2” tubular frame construction.
  • Padded and contoured rear bar for operator control.
  • 2” Heavy Duty cross-body safety restraint.
  • 2” Lower leg safety strap.
  • 4.5 “ Rear wheels for smoother transportation.
Unfolding Stair Chair:
Place one hand on the front of the seat and one hand on the back of the chair and push apart until the chair locks into an open position.

Folding the Stair Chair for Storage:
  1. Push red button in on front handles and push handles all the way in.
  2. Fold down handles at rear and back of the chair.
  3. From the back of the chair push up on red bar beneath the seat.
  4. Push together the seat and the back of the chair until folded.
Helpful Hint
If the chair does not stay in the folded position, tighten the bolts near the bottom of front chair legs.

Please read these general instructions for the use and operation of the Deluxe Heavy Duty Stair Chair. This Stair Chair was designed for use by EMS and emergency professionals. The LINE2design, Inc. Deluxe Heavy Duty Stair Chair requires two trained operators for successful and safe transport of patients.

The instructions provided are not all-inclusive. Safe and proper use of the Stair Chair is solely at the discretion of the user. Safety information is included as a service to the user. All other safety measures taken by the user should be within and under consideration of applicable regulations and local procedures. Training on the proper use of the Stair Chair must be provided before using this product in an actual situation. The Deluxe Heavy Duty Stair Chair should always be used with two people to transport patients.

  • To unfold the chair, place one hand on the front of the seat and one hand on the back of the chair and push apart until it locks into the open position.
  • At the upper back of the seat are two non-locking handles that pull up for transporting patients, and fold down for storage.
  • At the front and bottom of the chair are two extending handles with push red buttons on top to extend 14 ¼” for transportation of the patient, or to return the handles.
  • ALWAYS make sure handles are locked into place prior to moving patient.
To place a patient in the Stair Chair:
  1. Unlatch all safety straps.
  2. Position the patient in the chair.
  3. Tighten cross-body safety straps securely, and buckle. The safety straps should be secure over the patient’s chest.
  4. Secure patient’s lower legs with strap.
  5. Once the patient is secure, have a second trained operator double check all safety straps, prior to use.
  6. The Deluxe Heavy Duty Stair Chair is then ready for lifting.
  7. To transport the patient, one trained operator should lift the front handles and the other operator should lift the non-locking handles from the chair back.
  8. The patient can then be transported to the desired area.
To store the chair after use, fold the chair, engage lever under the seat, release lever and fold seat up.

Wipe down with clean cloth, use mild soap and water. NO BLEACH

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