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LIFE Corp StartSystem, 113 Liter Emergency Oxygen with Portable Wall Case, AED NOT INCLUDED



Emergency Oxygen may be deployed 50 times more often than an AED.

Fits Philips OnSite and FRx AEDs for workplace first-aid programs and first responders.

  • LIFE®O2 offers a 2 flow-rate regulator to deliver the FDA minimum of 6 LPM "NORM" for “General” emergency situations, and 12 LPM "HIGH" for the AHA recommended 100% inspired oxygen in “Extreme” emergency situations, with a 15+ minute supply of 113 liters of oxygen and Constant Reading Supply Gauge
  • Smaller than a briefcase at 12"x12"x3" and weighs only 8lbs…durable & water resistant
  • Durable knurled-knob On/Off valve, prevents accidental turning on during transit
  • Fits nicely in standard AED wall cabinet
  • Provides supplemental emergency oxygen to a breathing victim before the onset of fibrillation or after successful defibrillation
  • LIFE® CPR Mask and one-way valve universally fits both adult & child; Inhalator for a breathing victim and Resuscitator for a non-breathing victim
  • Disposable/Replaceable (or refillable) cylinder, Non-Prescription, shipped full of O2 ready-to-use (Purchase Philips OnSite and FRx AEDs separately)
Please Note: Because this items ships with O2 canisters, a HAZMAT handling fee will be added during checkout. This item can only be shipped via ground.

FDA Regulation: Minimum capability is 6 LPM flow rate. LIFE® 612 models deliver both the minimum 6 LPM and the AHA recommended 100% inspired oxygen at 12 LPN in just two simple setting which read "NORM" & "HIGH". Only LIFE Corporation offers the simple 6 & 12 LPM flow rates.

American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR Oxygen
  • "...give 100% inspired oxygen during Basic Life Support ...and Advanced Cardiac Life Support ...(BLS & ACLS) ...as soon as it becomes available."
  • "...use supplemental oxygen ...at a flow rate of 10-12LPM ...to enable delivery of 100% inspired oxygen". (initially)

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"How long does the oxygen last in the canister if left unused?How do you refill the tank after usage?Are there replacement oxygen canister available an d how much does it cost?"

There is no shelf life on this product. Refilling can be done at a local gas supplier but will require a physician authorization.

"Is this available as a kit that includes the AED unit, if so, what is the cost? Or can another AED unit be put in this pack? ie Heart Start FR2?"

The AED is definately not included in the price of the oxygen system. HeartStart FR2 should definately fit in this case.

"How long can the unit keep supplying oxygen?"

Depends on the rate of delivery...as per the website description, the cylinder can last upwards of 15 minutes.

"what are the dimensions of the AED area of the case? Is there any reason why another brand of AED could fit in this case? What are the exact measurements of the whole case? I would like a picture of what the case looks like in the inside."

This product is built to hold a Phillips OnSite or FRx AED. If you have an AED that is comparable in size to those it should fit. The dimensions for the product are 12"" x 12"" x 3"". We will be sending you a photo of what the inside of this product looks like.