HexArmor EXT Rescue 4012 Extrication Glove with TP-X Palm

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HexArmor’s EXT Rescue 4012 Extrication Gloves provide you with the protection, comfort, grip, and dexterity you need to perform well in emergency situations.

When it comes to extrication gloves, first responders shouldn’t have to choose between comfort and safety. In critical moments, a bulky glove can cost seconds that you can’t afford to lose, while a slimmer glove may lack the necessary protection to keep your hands safe during extrications.

That’s why HexArmor designed its EXT Rescue 4012 Extrication Gloves to provide both a comfortable fit and excellent impact protection when you’re responding to emergency situations.

With its ISEA Level 5 cut-resistant palm and advanced back-of-hand impact protection system, the 4012 Extrication Gloves effectively protect your hands from twisted metal and shattered glass. The durable TP-X® palm maintains a reliable, oil-resistant grip, even when wet, and features a reinforced index finger and thumb saddle to help extend glove life.

The elastic Velcro® wrist closure secures the fit and maximizes comfort, while the hi-vis color scheme increases visibility at long range and in low light conditions.

An excellent blend of comfortable and durable safety materials, HexArmor’s EXT Rescue 4012 Extrication Gloves will provide you with the protection, grip, and dexterity you need to perform well in emergency situations.

  • SuperFabric® material on palm provides ISEA Level 5 cut resistance, the highest level of cut protection in the industry
  • Superior back-of-hand impact protection system uses an advanced design to dissipate forceful blows over a large area
  • Durable TP-X® palm provides the highest-level abrasion resistance and maintains a reliable, oil-resistant grip, even when wet
  • Double-stitched interior and exterior seams add durability and longevity
  • Reinforced index finger and thumb saddle help extend glove life
  • Elastic Velcro® wrist closure secures fit and maximizes comfort
  • Hi-vis color scheme increases visual awareness at long range and in low light
  • Machine washable
 X-Small7 - 7.5" 18 - 19 cm
 Small7.5 - 8" 20 - 21.5 cm
 Medium 8 - 8.4" 20 - 21.5 cm
 Large 8.5 -9" 21.5 - 23 cm
 X-Large9 - 10" 23 - 25 cm
 2X-Large10 - 11" 25 - 28 cm
Measure Hand
Using a string or measuring tape, measure the circumference around the kunckles, excluding the thumb. Your hand should be open with the fingers together. 

Downloadable Sizing Guide: HexArmor Glove sizing chart.pdf

Excellent gloves


Great for extrication training and calls. Dexterity is not compromised and a ""feel"" for things is great

They're OK


The are good gloves but tough to get used to. The sizing is off on them. If I bought again I would go a size larger. They also take a very long time to break in. Also if your hands get wet or sweaty it's a workout to get them back in the glove. I still carry my old gloves with me for that purpose. Once there broken in they're much better. Just dont take them off and try to put them back on.

Super amount of Dexterity


These gloves were the perfect fit for extrication and general use The day they arrived I placed them in my turnouts and land used them on a heavy extrication. The amount of dexterity I had while using these gloves was incredible. 2 other guys on my shift ordered them the day I put them inservice

I would buy the HexArmor EXT rescue 4012 Glove again


This is used during clean up , hose packing, tech rescue use. The dexterity and of the great fit even when coated with water and other contaminants is great. They have been laundered with great success. The quality of these glove are great.



Very satisfied with this product. A little stiff until they get broke in. Have great protection

Not Again


Not good quality, use it for the first time on extrication training unfortunately the finger tips rip.

Poor Longevity


As far as wear and fit for performing extrications they are great gloves. My complaint is around 2 year mark, numerous finger stitchings started separating exposing fingers poking through holes. I don't know if maybe when they got wet that I didn't allow them to dry correctly? Whatever the reason finger stitching (several fingers) started coming apart? Up until this point they are great gloves and will probably order another pair and maybe focus better on how I wash and fry them to see if it makes a difference longevity!