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The RAMFAN® EX50Li, Battery-Powered, All-Purpose Ventilator Offers the Highest Levels of Versatility for Firefighters

TheFireStore, the nation’s leading multi-channel distributor of public-safety equipment, supplies, training, and service, is excited to offer a perfectly balanced, cordless PPV fan specifically designed to feature maximum versatility and powered by the latest, Lithium-Ion technology available to best suit specific, fireground-related needs: the RAMFAN EX50Li Battery-Powered, All-Purpose Ventilator.

As the world leader in battery-powered PPV technology, Euramco Group, the manufacturer of RAMFAN products, has equipped the RAMFAN EX50Li Battery-Powered, All-Purpose Ventilator with second generation PowerStream® airflow straighteners for flexible positioning, reduced noise inside the structure, and a deeper FlowPath™ through the structure. Equally impressive are its unique advantages over gas and corded fans.

“The RAMFAN EX50Li Battery-Powered, All-Purpose Ventilator has the ability to be carried into a building without being tethered to a cord reel,” according to TheFireStore Product Line Specialist Ray Smeriglio. “It can then be positioned in front of or directly outside a door of a room or an area to be vented.”

As a much-needed upgrade from outdated smoke ejectors, the RAMFAN EX50Li Battery-Powered, All-Purpose Ventilator can easily hang from a door bar; alternatively, it can be positioned face-down over top of standard manholes and blow directly down into it. Need to exhaust air out of a confined space or an attic? Simply place it on its back to do so.

The fan is an excellent tool for use by emergency-response teams when working to free a trapped victim in a confined space: It can quickly connect to RAMFAN’s duct adapter/reducer and 16-inch duct in order to provide clean, fresh air to trapped individuals or to successfully exhaust harmful gases from the atmosphere.

“The RAMFAN EX50Li Battery-Powered, All-Purpose Ventilator’s frame, electronics, battery, motor, and every other feature was designed with the fire service as its intended customer base,” Smeriglio said. “It all comes together as a very well-designed tool with practical features that have an impact on the fireground.”

Some additional specs include the following:
  • brushless motor with a longer motor life and run-time compared to traditional brushed motors with less maintenance
  • 400 energy-efficient LEDs power scene lights that are integrated into the shroud that illuminate whatever is in their path. The LEDs sip power, thereby alleviating any concern of draining the batteries with the lights on
  • IP66-rated water resistant
  • exclusive IntelliSense™ E2 controller is tailor-made for firefighting and industrial operations
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