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TS-Ready packs from Meret are based around versatility so it’s natural that Meret offers the Airway Intubation Tri-Fold Module, ADD-More mini-Mod, Narkit Drug Module, MPFO Multi-Purpose Fold out Module, Xtra Fill Module and the new XTRA ICB Infection Control Fill Pack Module. StatPacks offer G1 EMS Drug Module, G1 EMS Quickroll Intubation Module, G2 Airway Cell, G2 Universal Cell, G2 Medication Cell, G1 Oxygen Module . Zip organizers with IV Ad-Wrap, Med Pro Medications Kit, Infinity Expedition Modular Medical Kit, Pocket organizers, Tube-Pro Intubation Kit are all offered and proudly made in the USA by Conterra. Reeves EMS, EMI, and True North round out the offering with similar organizational items.
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