"THRILLED and impressed..."

I want to let you know how THRILLED and impressed I am by the badge that I custom ordered and received from your company. Over thirty years ago; a very close friend of mine bought me a badge to wear on my Wheaton Vol Rescue Squad Uniform. I carried the badge with me everywhere and when I moved three thousand miles away; you can bet I brought it too. To make the long story short; one day some unknown person broke into my vehicle and stole my badge along with other items. I was devastated and for the next several years I went without the badge, (a warm remembrance) until I came to your website and found just what I was looking for! It was very simple to order although I had lots of variations to add to the badge; the site just walked me right through it. In short time I received my new badge and I could only be happier if it was the original! It is perfect, the quality of workmanship is SUPERIOR. I am very impressed and so is everyone who "just happens" to see it when I carry it in my purse and proudly display it when appropriate. I just wanted to say THANKS to everyone involved; from the order-processor to the craftsperson who put it all together to the person who packed it carefully and made sure it came to the right address. GOOD JOB. Thanks very much, I hope to enjoy this and pass it on to my Grandchildren when the time is right! Keep up the good work, you never know how happy you are making someone filling the orders!
Nance Blair Stultz, R.N.; Paramedic
Former Member; Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad
Wheaton, Maryland currently in Washington State

"Very professional and personable..."

I would like to say "Thank You" for the services and products you and your company provide. I was in need of a Custom Leather radio case, and after an extensive Internet search, you were among a very few companies to have them. The difference with your website compared to the others..... The item was in stock, and the price was more than competitive. From the individual who took my Internet order and processed it, to the individual who packaged and shipped my order I would like to extend a personal "Thank you". The products you offer for sale can be seen on just about any Fire Ground or EMS call anywhere in this country, proving one thing, The Fire Store and it's employee's offer not only quality products at affordable prices, but do this with a very professional and personable attitude.

In closing Mr. Witmer, thank you and your employees for all that you do for all the Fire / EMS / Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide.

Scott A. Clifford
Station 79

"An excellent online store..."

Thank you very much for your help. I can't wait to do more business with you in the future. It is an excellent online store, and I have always been pleased with the service.

Chris Eppley
Firefighter / EMT
Kratzerville Fire-Rescue

"Thank you for being there..."

"I just received my first order from you guys. I ordered 2 pair of trousers for EMS use. I received the order a few days later. The quality of these trousers is amazing. I could not buy the same quality for less than $60.00 a pair anywhere else. I look forward to many years of orders and many happy instances such as this one. Thank you for being there with the right items for me. I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends in the EMS industry and firefighters that I know."

Chris Burns

"Awesome customer service.."

I have been a customer of Witmer Public Safety Group via your websites for a few years now. I am a fulltime 911 operator for the Smyrna Police Department and a part time EMT here in Georgia. I’ve made pretty diverse purchases, from my EMS wallet badge to the 5.11 polos that I just got for a STEAL on clearance. Having just receiving my polos 2-3 days faster than I had expected, I felt obliged to write in and say thanks for the awesome customer service when so many other companies are lacking in that department given the current economic situation. I’ve been referring co-workers to you guys by e-mail and word of mouth!

Dre Gilley