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1996—the Dawn of e-Commerce: The explosive growth of Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. began when firefighter Jim Witmer and his family launched HelmetPartsSource.com—one of the first online stores specifically for public safety professionals. Before long we launched TheFireStore.com and began to change the way public safety professionals buy their gear. theEMSstore.com is an addition to our family of web sites including: TheFireStore.com, OfficerStore.com, and HomeSafetyStore.com. We provide fast access to a full-range of specialized equipment and supplies from the biggest names in the industry…and from many small makers of excellent, often very innovative products.

We’re thrilled to see customers worldwide coming to shop our ever-growing selection, superb prices, and unsurpassed service. Our retail showrooms in eastern, central, and western Pennsylvania, central Maryland, and Richmond, Virginia provide customers the opportunity to see, touch, test, try on, and take home the specialized products. Each location is staffed with experienced public safety professionals who can educate and help in many ways—even working with manufacturers on specific issues.

Departmental and municipal service is a specialty. Large departments, military, and government agencies receive expert support from our team of specialists. We understand that EMS organizations utilize large quantities of consumable items and we are poised to meet your large volume demands and needs in a timely and professional manner. We bring our powerful buying relationships with manufacturers to the table, positioning us to supply even more equipment at prices that help you to stay within budget.

Our Professional Sales and Support Teams are dedicated to making your life easier and safer. As we grow to serve you better, we build on solid roots.

Thanks to our loyal customers and very positive relationships with the companies we represent, Witmer Public Safety Group is growing fast. We’re adding facilities and capabilities to provide more products and services faster than ever before. We continue to invest in the people and technology to provide the finest service in the industry. No matter how much we grow, a large percentage of our staff will always be active or retired firefighters, policemen, EMTs and Paramedics. That’s how we operate…and it’s how we live. We’re colleagues. We’re family. We understand your needs. We know our products. And we’ll never compromise on quality. As always, we’re prepared to meet or exceed your high expectations in every way.”

“Working side-by-side with EMS, EMT and Paramedic professionals for nearly four decades, I have a real world understanding of what you need. We offer quick access to the lifesaving gear you need at budget sensitive prices.”  

Jim Witmer, Co-Founder & Chairman
Witmer Public Safety Group