FoxFury Nomad 360 Rechargeable Portable Area Spot and Scene Light



Self-contained and sets up in 20 seconds to provide a 360° scene light or a powerful 12° spotlight

This ultimate scene light provides up to 8,000 lumens for up to 3 hours. The adaptive NOMAD 360 converts from an area light to spotlight to 360° scene light in seconds by sliding the diffuser lens and opening/closing the light head.

Its portable, waterproof and self-contained design allows it travel to and be used in places that standard scene lights, street lamps and vehicle mounted lights cannot reach.

  • 12 white LEDs
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery System
  • Head can rotate 340° and tilt up / down
  • Head telescopes up to 102 inches
  • Can be seen up to 1.1 mi | 2 km away
  • Lens cover provides protection when light is stored
  • Deploys in under 20 seconds
  • On / Off / Mode switch at base of unit
  • Built-in level and leg adjustments for uneven terrain
  • Hold-down clamp
  • AC or DC charge / drive
  • Battery life indicator
  • 3 - 24 Hour Battery Life
  • Weighs 24.4 lbs. | 11.1 kg
In around 20 seconds, you’ll be able to deploy the tripod legs and raise the telescoping head up over 8 ft. tall to illuminate the work area.
It’s rechargeable and cordless design means no noisy, heavy generator is needed. If you have external power, the 360 provides continuous light. The 360 is used at command posts, accident scenes, temporary shelters, checkpoints and job sites around the globe.
During a disaster or emergency (natural or man-made) adequate lighting is critical to any type of response. Its absence or slow provision creates delays, increasing the potential damage and liability faced. Ideal for use at multi-vehicle accidents, crime scenes, security and as a command post light.

While generator lights are usually available and invaluable for lighting a large area, quick setup and re-tasking (or repositioning) is a logistical nightmare at best, and often a losing proposition. The FoxFury Nomad was designed to address these specific requirements, and provides either area or spot. Units can be quickly deployed and the Area-Spot combination is able to light large areas, even in the worst terrains imaginable.
3 Lights in 1: Combination Area Light, Spotlight, and Scene Light 
Different tasks require different lighting needs. Some cases demand light in all directions.​ As an area-spot and scene light, this light provides three types of lights in one.
  • Area light: fold out light panels and slide diffuser lens up for 120° flood light
  • Spotlight: fold out light panels and slide diffuser lens down for 12° focused light
  • Scene light: fold in light panels for 360° scene lighting
All weather and waterproof   
This fully submersible lighting tool can be used underwater (up to 10 ft). Its all-weather design can thrive in the summer desert heat, heavy rain, the cold of a snow storm…and everything in between.  
Up to 24 hours of battery life
Some events are over in a few hours and require as much as lighting as possible (vehicle extrication, EMS, etc.). The Nomad provides 3 continuous hours of light on the high mode. Other events are far more involved. The low mode provides 24 hours of continuous light for extended work period (power failure, large event in rural area, etc.).
Overhead tripod light
Many portable area lights only extend to 6 ft | 1.8 m tall, which is near the eye level and potentially blinding. The 360 extends up to 8.5 ft. | 2.6 m tall to deliver overhead lighting that does not blind the user.  
Solo operation and 20 second deployment
The 360 stows as a compact tube weighing 24.4 lbs. | 11.1 kg. A shoulder strap is included for easy transport. The light is designed so that an individual can deploy it in 20 seconds.
Battery level indicator
At a scene, you'll want to keep track of how much light you have left. Every Nomad is equipped with a battery level indicator, which changes color from green to orange to red as the battery drains.
  • Green indicator: 70-100% battery charge left
  • Orange indicator: 30-70% battery charge left
  • Red indicator: under 30% battery charge left
Built to last
This rugged light is tough enough for any job. Its nylon body withstands impact and the heat of a fire scene.
Hold-down clamp for high wind environments
In severe wind, you may want to weigh the light down as a safety measure. A D-ring at the base of the unit allows a sandbag to be attached.
What’s Included
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery System (built-in)
  • AC Adaptor & Cord
  • DC Cord
  • 3M Reflective Yellow Safety Strips
  • Nomad Accessories Bag
Performance Specifications:

Light Output & Runtimes:
  • 8,000 lumens | 3 hours | High
  • 2,400 lumens | 9 hours | Medium
  • 900 lumens | 24 hours | Low
  • 8,000 lumens | 9 hours | Flash
Light Color & Wavelength or Color Temperature:
  • White
  • 5800 K
Beam Angle:
  • 12° spotlight
  • 120° area light
  • 360° scene light
Power Consumption: 100W

4 Modes: Low, Medium, High, Flash

Maximum Beam Distance: 2,963 ft. | 903 m

Physical Characteristics:
  • Weight: 24.4 lbs | 11.1 kg
  • Head Size: 4" x 8.5" | 102 mm x 216 mm
  • Size (closed position):
    • Diameter Body: 4.6" | 11.7 cm
    • Length: 38.5" | 97.8 cm
  • Size (when deployed)
    • Max Height: 102" | 2,600 mm
    • Footprint: 36" | 914 mm
  • Combination of Nylon 66 with glass fiber and 6061-T6 aluminum head
  • Stainless steel telescoping tube
  • Polycarbonate lens and diffuser
 Power Source:
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery System
  • External power:
    • 12VDC
    • 120 Watt (1.1 Amps at 115VAC)
    • 120 Watt (9 Amps at 12VDC)
  • Battery Life: 3-20 hours (varies by mode)
  • Fully Recharges in 7 Hours
  • Operating Temperatures: 14°F to 300°F | -10°C to 149°C
  • Waterproof: 9.8 ft. | 3 m
  • Impact Resistant: 3.3 ft. | 1 m
  • Meets NFPA 1971-2007 Fire Resistant Requirements: 500F / 260C for 30 minutes
Certifications: CE-EMC, CE-LVD, IPX-7

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

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