The most common form of fire in electric or hybrid vehicles is when the high-energy battery is damaged, or a manufacturing fault causes the battery to go into “Thermal Runaway”. This is when a cell short circuits and the heat generated starts a fire. This, in turn, creates a “domino effect” and the fire spreads from cell to cell.


Manufactured from specialized quartz material with a silicon polymer coating

  • Minimizes other property damage
  • Helps to extinguish fires where traditional fire extinguishers cannot be used
  • Enhances electric vehicle safety
  • Can be used for hybrids and fully electric vehicles
  • Waterproof container
  • Class 0 fire safety rated
  • ASTM D6143 Vertical Flame Resistance – Best possible result achieved against this standard. (US test)

Thermal runaway fires cannot be extinguished by conventional means

In a lithium-ion battery, the electrolyte usually contains hydrocarbon solvents that fuel the fire. If unchecked extremely high temperatures of over 1832°F+ can be produced.

By deploying a ‘Fire Cloak’ Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket by Prosol UK the combustion potential is minimized by depriving the fire of oxygen. And because the fire is controlled, temperatures drop rapidly which prevents damage to surrounding vehicles and property.

‘Fire Cloak’ Electric Vehicle Fire Blankets are manufactured from specialized quartz material with a silicon polymer coating. This combination of high-tech fabric engineering provides continuous temperature resistance up to 1832°F and spikes of 2912°F.

How to Use a Fire Blanket in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1
Call 911
Step 2
Position the Fire Blanket in front of the vehicle
Step 3
Make sure the Fire Blanket is unfolded and centered in front of the electric vehicle
Step 4
Take hold of the red straps and pull the Fire Blanket over the vehicle making sure to cover the whole vehicle
Step 5
Ensure it is tucked in at either side by pressing down on it with your feet
Step 6
Immediately retreat to a safe distance – at least 30 Feet – and leave the Fire Cloak USA in place until the fire service are on scene