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Eliminate Heat-Exposure Risks with the Comfortable, Non-Restrictive Bunker Boot Mate

TheFireStore, the nation’s leading multi-channel distributor of public-safety equipment, supplies, training, and service, knows perfectly well that a firefighter’s job is physically tough: It involves running, crawling, and even squatting. In the span of just a few minutes, a firefighter can be in any number of different positions. Therefore, they need a product that offers ample and equal amounts of protection and comfort, along with allowing the mobility to safely and accurately do their jobs without hindering them in any way. Committed to a mission of continually developing products to improve both workplace satisfaction and personal safety, SuperFlow SafeT Systems offers a revolutionary solution: the Bunker Boot Mate, a non-invasive strap made of fire-resistant Kevlar and Nomex materials.

Preventing exposure to deadly heat and flames is a critical consideration that firefighters must take into account. Firefighters walking on roofs of burning homes are at risk of walking on soft spots and falling through. During the fall, the turnout pants’ fabric can catch on the roof’s shingles, thereby exposing legs to fire. Similarly, turnout pants can ride up legs while crawling backward, again exposing the legs. These scenarios occur countless times each year; this is where the Bunker Boot Mate’s usefulness is fully realized.

Proudly made in the U.S. and designed to help protect legs while keeping turnout pants feeling comfortable and properly placed, the Bunker Boot Mate conveniently snaps in between the existing two snaps that are located between the liner and outer shell of most turnout pants. Then, it wraps around a boot’s instep so that it can attach to the remaining pair of snaps on the opposite side, thereby eliminating the heat-exposure risks that are present when walking on roofs or when crawling backward. It is abrasion-resistant and essentially self-cleaning due to its Nanosphere coating – even the toughest dirt and grime can be removed when cleaned with just water. Additionally, each Bunker Boot Mate is equipped with two reflective stripes.

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