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Click, Twist, and Secure to Save Lives With the New SAM Medical XT Extremity Tourniquet

Coatesville, PA: TheFireStore, the leading source for firefighting equipment and supplies, is proud to offer a new, cutting-edge tourniquet designed to allow easier, faster training and intuitive use: the SAM Medical XT Extremity Tourniquet.

There are numerous situations where emergency medical responders can benefit from the use of a reliable tourniquet: mass-casualty incidents, treating multiple injuries on a patient, and controlling bleeding while a patient is in-transit, just to name a few. In these life-or-death scenarios, tourniquet-related deficiencies can be fatal: A leading cause of tourniquet-application failure is insufficient constricting pressure on the initial application prior to turning the windlass. Invariably, this leads to exsanguination and ultimately, death.

The SAM XT Tourniquet differs from other windlass tourniquets: It features an auto-stop system – known as TRUFORCE™ buckle technology – that allows for instant tightening of the constricting band to the proper tension prior to engaging the windlass. This saves time and ensures effective occlusion of blood flow when pressure is applied with the windlass.

“SAM Medical’s products are always well-constructed, and the SAM XT is no different,” according to TheFireStore Merchandising Specialist and volunteer firefighter Amanda Gooding.

Ideal for use by emergency responders in all types of harsh climates thanks to its weather-resistant, hook-and-loop system, the SAM Medical XT Extremity Tourniquet’s outer material is optimized for night vision, so it can also be used when light is scarce. Its TRUEFLEX™ plate is constructed of durable nylon that distributes force as targeted pressure, which results in maximum strength and flexibility. This makes it able to bend on smaller extremities without breaking.
Velcro-dependent tourniquets can fail when wet or dirty. The SAM Medical XT Extremity Tourniquet’s all-weather precision strap, which is constructed of single-layer nylon webbing, features intervaled holes that lock with the TRUFORCE™ Buckle to create a consistent, efficient primary security system. Additionally, its innovatively constructed precision tab allows for rapid application thanks to less windlass turns being required, while its windlass C-Hooks secure the metal windlass rod with its intuitive, angular design, thereby granting efficient windlass locking.

“This tourniquet takes out the doubt and worries that emergency responders can sometimes have because of its ease of use coupled with a greatly diminished risk of slack,” Gooding said.

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