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Boston Leather Leather Holder for the Motorola APX 7000xe

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A custom looking holder for the NewMotorolla Lime Green Radio!

  • Keep your radio secure and organized
  • Holder doesn't require the removal of the clip from the radio
  • Has D-rings that allows it to connect to the 6543 radio strap
  • Interior Width : 2.4"
  • Interior Depth (Front to Back) : 1.5"
  • Front Height : 6.3"
  • Back Height : 6.5"

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews

Poor fit and design


This radio holder is so poorly designed that's practically unusable. The design doesn't line up well with the radio buttons and actually hinders the access to the buttons. The radio doesn't go down all the way and therefore the buttons (PTT and side buttons) do not line up well. The leather is ""too hard"" and causes too much rigidity. No flexibility means a bad fit.

The usual high Boston Leather quality!


Trying to put the new, larger APX7000xe in my old holster didn't work too well, the new radio is taller so the holster would tilt horizontal when worn. This holster allows to radio to maintain a vertical alignment, and eliminates having an elastic strap over the top. I even find I can use it with the HT1250 when we are in the reserve rig. Big plus to me is you don't need to take the clip off the back of either radio, like I have to do with the 1250 in its holster.

Fits, works great


Fits our radios almost perfect, but good enough. Our's don't have buttons on the front so this model fits right.