Wesol Super Shirt Stay Garters with No Slip Clip, 2 pack, Black

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Wesol one size fits all Super Shirt Stay Garters stirrup style in Black.

Law Enforcement and Military are using shirt stays as a solution for keeping their uniform neat and tucked.  The stirrup style shirt stay is looped so that it goes around your foot eliminating the chance of the garter coming loose from the sock.

How do you solve the problem with the shirt stays popping loose from the shirt?  This is where The Shirt Lock Super Shirt Stay comes in.  At the end of the Super Shirt Stays where the clips attach to the shirt is the patented no-slip clips (see picture inset on this page).  The no-slip clip’s patented design actually weaves through the material pinning the shirt between the two clasps.  This design holds the shirt in place - All Day—We guarantee it!

  • No slip clip stays on your shirt
  • Comes in pack of 2
  • Soft stretch fabric
  • Double clip attaches to shirt tail
  • Loop slips over foot
  • Metal adjusters
  • One size fits all

We understand that having a neat, well tucked uniform is an important part of gaining respect.  In the Law Enforcement and Military community commanding respect can be a matter of life and death.  Whether you are in hot pursuit, subduing a suspect or managing crowd control, the last thing you should have to worry about is where your shirt tails are.

The Shirt Lock Super Shirt Stay is made of an elastic material that is durable and flexible, able to move smoothly with any regular or exaggerated motions.  The metal adjusters and the patented no slip clips are guaranteed not to fail.

The Super Shirt Stay by Wesol Distribution is made in America, by Americans. Whenever possible we will always choose to put Americans to work making the products here in the USA. It has always been the goal of Wesol Distribution to create solutions that will benefit the Law Enforcement and Military communities making their jobs a little easier.

If you are tired of having your shirt stays come loose from your shirt, pop off your sock, dangle behind you causing you embarrassment and making you look disheveled, try the New Shirt Lock Super Shirt Stay.  The only Shirt Stays guaranteed not to come off.
Buy yours today, you will be glad you did.

Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews

Do the job!


These are overall a good product and have not come undone once. Only issue I see is the strap is a little thick and uncomfortable under the foot, also the loop is not designed properly so when the strap twist to go up your leg it creates a fold in the loop which can be a bit uncomfortable. Non the less I put up with this just because they don't come undone.

Before You Purchase...


Bout these the other day and used them as soon as they came in for work. On hour 8 of my 24 hour shift the one stirrup threading came undone. My recommendation is that if you buy these, take them to a store that can reinforce the stitching on both stirrups for this product because the threading is poor quality and it won't last long. Otherwise product is great and works well and keeps my shirts nice and tucked in.

Fell apart in less than a month


Everywhere you see sewing on these falls apart. Once they fix that then these will be amazing. I have emailed to get a replacement or refund and will let you know how they interact with me. Again, these things are awesome if they would fix the bad sewing!