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TransLite Veinlite Pedi Vein Finder

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Locate and cannulate those Neonatal veins easily with the Veinlite Pedi Vein Finder.

The VPED is for neonates and infants up to 24 months making it the optimal vein access device for NICU departments. It allows through-the-body transillumination in neonates with the help of the neonatal adapter and is small enough to be used anywhere on the body.

Finding and cannulating a vein during an emergency can sometimes be very stressful and difficult.  The peripheral veins become near ghosts when shock sets in making cannulation a nightmare.  TransLite has produced an answer to all EMS providers’ prayers by developing this unique side transillumination device called the Veinlite.
The device is shaped like a horseshoe and lined with 16 (EMS) or 12 (Pedi) LED’s which emit orange or red light to aid in visualizing those hard to find veins.  The orange lighting assists in finding superficial veins while the red lighting illuminates deep veins or veins in patients with dark skin.  Combined together these lights make searching for the allusive veins a thing of the past.
The skin reflects short wavelength light such as blues and greens while it absorbs the long wavelength light characteristic of reds and oranges.  The reflected surface light of the skin is so intense that it overpowers the transmitted light thus limiting the naked eye’s visualization of superficial veins to sub millimeter depths.
The Veinlite LED uses a new method of transillumination, side-transillumination, for enhanced visualization of veins. This method uniformly transilluminates a small region of the skin so that much better imaging of veins is achieved without shadows. Uniform side-transillumination means that smaller veins can be seen with great clarity.  Side-transillumination also allows for penetration of light into tissue for vein imaging up to 6 mm in depth, depending on the size of the vein.  Transilluminated light waves are easily absorbed by deoxygenated hemoglobin in venous blood and show up as dark areas in the skin.
With all TransLite products it is an easy 3 step process to prepare for cannulating the vein.  First find the vein, secondly push down to close the vein, and lastly pull back to stretch the skin.  Pass the needle through the opening in the horseshoe which is designed to allow the rescurer to cannulate the vein making you the hero every time!

The Veinlite Pedi come with disposable covers to protect it from any biohazards.  Veinlite Pedi has a CR2 3V lithium battery, a light shield, and a Neonate adapter. 
  • LED lighting for transillumination
  • Disposable cover shield to prevent cross contamination and exposure to bio hazards
  • Neonatal adapter 
  • Light Shield
  • Veinlite Pedi: 67mm x 42mm x 21 mm 
Optional items:
  • Disposable covers for Veinlite Pedi
  • Replacement battery for Veinlite Pedi
Click for Veinlite Quick Guide: VEINLITEQUICKREF.pdf

This product(s) is classified as a Medical Device which is regulated by the FDA.  This product may have regulations or restrictions in some states.  It is the customer’s responsibility to determine and comply with all applicable federal, state or local laws.

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