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TatJacket Arm Sleeve Tattoo Cover

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Easy, temporary and comfortable concealment of arm tattoos.

  • Cool, lightweight, flexible and breathable
  • Protects tattoos from discoloration due to sunlight
  • Perfect for employment or special occasions where exposed tattoos are unacceptable or against policy
  • Each pack comes with two 17" arm sleeve tattoo covers
  • Choose Tan, Brown or Black

The TATJACKET™ was designed to be fully functional yet very cool and flexible. TATJACKET™ tattoo cover gives you the ability to conceal your tattoos while wearing the most comfortable clothing for the season without violating employment policies.

TATJACKET™ cover also protects your tattoo's vibrant color and sharp lines from the rays of the sun to help slow fading and discoloration often associated with exposure to the sun. Even if you don’t have tattoos, use TATJACKET™ to protect your arms from harmful UV sunlight, especially while driving

TATJACKET™ is Perfect For:

  • Office and sales staff members
  • Municipal or road crew workers
  • Hospital staff workers
  • Law Enforcement or Military personnel
  • Firefighters, EMS, Public Safety workers
  • Anytime you need to attend a special function and want to conceal your ink


  • Size Medium: 17" long, 5.5" wide at arm cuff, 3.5" wide at wrist cuff
  • Size Large: 17" long, 6.5" wide at arm cuff, 3.5" wide at wrist cuff

Includes: Each pack comes with two arm sleeve tattoo covers.

Choose Tan, Brown or Black

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Does what it's intended to do.


I wear the sleeve mostly during the summer when I don't want to wear a long sleeve shirt. It doesn't regulate heat, and it doesn't shrink after you wash it. I don't think it would be too comfortable if you got Hulk Hogan arms, but any other size arm should be fine.


"What material are these made out of?"

Nylon and spandex.

"How do you determine what size is needed."

Go by your shirt size for a long sleeve shirt.

"How many sleeves do you get per order"

Rookie Rick, on our web page you will see that you get ""Two 17-inch sleeves per package"" just choose what color you need.

"tatjacket arm sleeve. do orders come in pairs or single? about how thick are they?"

They come in pairs. Thanks.

"Do you have Betty boo temporary tattoos on a sleeve"

Sorry we do not

"is this sleeve for women as well? I am a girl, wear size medium for all clothes and would like to know if this is something that would fit me? or is this sleeve specifically for men? thanks!"

These are made for both women and men. The medium is the smallest size that we have available. It all depends on where the tattoo is that you are trying to cover if it will fit or not.

"So no color for ethnic people???"

We are only able to offer what styles and colors are available to us from TatJacket. These sleeves currently are offered in three color options; Tan, Brown and Black.