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TNT Denver Tools Multi-Purpose Tool, 8.5 lb Head

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Also known as The Denver Tool, the TNT Tool is an extremely durable multi-purpose tool, aiding firefighters and law enforcement officers worldwide.

Force entry into homes, buildings, autos, businesses, and assist people in emergency and non-emergency situations.

The TNT Tool gives you the use of FIVE tools in one: an axe, sledge hammer, pry tool, ram, and D-Handle pull tool.

8.5 lb head.

No other large hand tool gives you the versatility as the TNT Tool to chop, pry, pull, strike, beat, and reach.

The TNT Tool will open 95% of doors. The TNT Tool is completely made in the U.S.A. Cast with high carbon heat treated steel and finished with a baked on powder paint coat and a solid fiberglass handle. 

The TNT tool comes with a lifetime warranty. TNT Tools, Inc will fix your tool if broken under normal use.

Mounting brackets are available.

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tnt multi tool


we used these in the fire academy and I was pleased instead of having to bring in a ax and haligan bar all we needed was two of these and they got the job done quicker, less wear and tear after using them. I'm currently trying to get my full dept to make the switch to these instead of both however there are a few things that the haligan bar can do better and or worth using for although the weight is alot heavier. the tnt tool is light and capable of alot of destruction

""Awesome tool""


I am a volunteer firefighter and I chose to get the TN840 which is the biggest tnt tool the fire store has. I wanted a tnt tool since I first saw it on the fire store website. I just received the tool today and I have not gotten a chance to use it in a real call yet, but I have swung it around just to get the feel of it. I know I'll be knocking down and prying open a lot of structures and cars with this tool. Just remember to get the right size tool for yourself.

Only collects dust.


Cool Idea. Fails in every use. To short to be a good hook. Shaped poorly for a maul. Attempting to use the hammer will get you hooked in the wrist by your own tool. Would give negative stars if an option.
<br>This went onto the truck and into multiple fires. No single person found it useful or wanted to have it around after the first time in a fire with it.