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Streamlight SL-20XP NiCd Battery



SL-20XP Replacement NiCad Battery Stick

  • NiCd Sub-C Battery
  • 5-Cell
  • 6.0 Volt
  • Rechargeable up to 1000 times

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"I ordered this product, but the problem with this is, I need a 3 pack battery stick for my flashlights, but I got a 4 pack battery. Why don't you show the number of batteries on your website? I need to order the 3 pack, (I ordered 2) and return the 4 pack that I recieved. the number o the battery that I have is model # 25170 (SL-20XP. 6.0V). please help me solve this problem. Thank You, Dianna Colins"

I'm not sure what you are telling us or asking us, there are 6 different model SL20 flashlights, out of the 6 1 model use's a sub ""D"" size battery stick, the rest use the sub ""C"" size battery stick. On your SL-20 light, the switch should be a rubber covered on / off switch on the side of the light, the part number for your light should be stamped there as part of the switch area, make sure you are using the correct part number. I will list below everything that Streamlight shows in their catalog; SL-20L LED C4 uses a ""C"" 20175 NiCd 5 cell, rechargeable, Black SL-20LP LED C4 uses a ""C"" 77175 NiCd 5 cell rechargeable, Durable Nylon Polymer Housing, Orange, Yellow, & Black SL-20X LED uses a ""C"" 20175 NiCd 5 cell, rechargeable, Black SL-20X uses 1/2""D"" 20170 NiCd 5 cell, rechargeable, Black SL-20XP LED uses a ""C"" 77175 NiCd 5 cell, rechargeable, Black, Yellow, & Orange SL-20XP uses a ""C"" 25170 NiCd 5 cell, rechargeable, Black, Yellow, & Orange I hope this is of help to you, if you still have questions callthe 800 number for Coatesville and ask for me (ex 1162)

"What is the voltage and mAmps of this product?"

Rich, this is all the information we have; 6volt nickle-cadmium battery, 8 watt 6 volt halogen bulb.

"Can I use a Sl-20xp battery in an LED streamlight?"

Yes, you can.