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Streamlight Original Survivor LED Replacement Face Cap Assembly



Features a deep-dish parabolic reflector with an unbreakable Lexan lens that produces narrow beam.

For Original model Survivor LED Flashlight
  • Provides optimum peripheral illumination to aid in navigation.
  • Easily assembled.
  • This assembly is for Survivor Lights with the serial # 216940 and earlier.

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great when you break you lense in a fire


i broke the lense in my stream light ina fire it was great to be able to buy lense instead of whole new light

Got my light back in service


I broke my original when a ceiling collapsed on me. This fit perfectly and I was able to get my light back in service.


"does this come with the o-ring that holds the clear lens in place?"

Angel, you should be able to unscrew your old face cap assembly and screw the new one on and be good as new, everything except the LED.

"Where is the serial number?"

Hi Andy, this is what was sent to us from Streamlight; The serial number is stamped on the very bottom base of the back of the light. It is stamped in the plastic.

"How do I know what Face Cap SKU# to order for my Survivor Light with a serial # of 0214 058864? Thank You."

Josh, i asked Streamlight for some help with this and this is the response i received back from them; I sent them the serial number you gave us, they don't think that's it; I'm not sure if subject line is a good serial number. The serial number is located at the very bottom back of the base of the light. If I have to guess, this is the older style and will need 90547. So their thinking you need the 90547 Face Cap. Hope this helps you.

"My survivor is older purchased about 8 years ago. I need the face assembly. How do I know if this is compatible? Only specs is a serial #118287."

Kristy, Streamlight only has this for all of their LED Survivor lights, this should be the one you need

"Is this a retrofit for a non-LED light? My light is a Division 2 sn# 70018."

Daryl, i copied this from our web page; For Original model Survivor LED Flashlight: This will not work on a non LED light.

"The number that is stamped on the bottom rear of the flashlight is 0712 0419076. Is this replacement face cap compatible with my Survivor LED light? Which part of the above number is the serial number? My lens dropped out of the face cap on a training fire, flash over container. Worked great in the container and on actual fires. Great light!"

We sent this to Streamlight and this is their reply back; looks like they need the 90557 face cap. 419076 is the serial number for this particular light.

"Will this work with a streamlight survivor with the serial number of 133312?"

Looks like it should be for your light, your serial number is earlier than the 216940

"will this work on 90513?"

No this is for the older models, not the low profile models

"The number that is stamped on the bottom rear of the flashlight is 0412 0393432. Is this replacement face cap compatible with my Survivor LED light?"

Use the 90557 part number

"Will this part work for serial #1013 0559421?"

We think you need 90557, this is for serial numbers higher than 216940

"The stamp on the bottom of my light is 0712 0420724. Will this work with my light?"

Bill we sent the info you gave us to Streamlight and they answered that they can not ID which model this is based on the serial number. Are you sure about the number, this couldn't be a number off of the bottom of the battery,

"Is this the replacement for 0512 0407272? Also is this assembly just the reflector and the outside ring or does it include the LED itself?"

Well ""D"" the only answer we can give you is that you can not replace the LED itself, LED's do not burn out. What you see on our web page is all that you will get.It's everything that you see on the web page, As far as the number you sent us I would reach out to Streamlight, and see what they say about the number you have.

"I have and SL-90X light serial number 095251. The existing bulb is dim. Does this include and LED replacement bulb that will work on this light?"

Chief there is no replacement bulb for a LED light, a LED is a Liquid-Electric-Diode thus LED, and does not burn out

"I have a streamlight survivor led flashlight, I need a new lens, just not sure which one to order. The serial number at the bottom of the light is 0814 0655967 any help would be appreciated. Thanks."

you can order the entire facecap of our site here https://www.thefirestore.com/store/product.aspx/productId/13830/Streamlight-Original-Survivor-LED-Replacement-Face-Cap-Assembly The lens itself can be ordered by giving us a call and the part number for the LED model is 900304 Please contact us at our customer service number for further help or to order 1-800-852-6088