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Stanley Tools 30" FatMax Xtreme FuBar III



The Wrecking Bar gone Extreme. Stanley to the Rescue!

A two-handed FuBar. With twice the heft…and many times the power. Swing it at your target and let the chips fall where they may. The ultimate multi-purpose demolition tool excels at prying, splitting, board bending, and heavy striking jobs. Stanley® designed the FatMax® Extreme FuBar III for the big jobs. A hefty, but easy to handle, 8-1/2 lbs. With a well-balanced 30” length that multiplies its effectiveness—delivering extra leverage, more momentum, and unstoppable striking power. Forged from one solid piece of steel for maximum strength and durability, and heat treated to reduce chipping. With its breaker edge, two-tiered toothed board jaws, and tempered striking face, this longer, even more powerful version of the award-winning FatMax Extreme FuBar Utility Bar can get you through practically anything with surprising ease…and potentially lifesaving speed.


  • 30” of beautifully engineered destructive power
  • 8.5 lb total weight, precisely balanced for maximum striking power
  • Sledge hammer face
  • Ripping hook
  • One piece forged steel construction
  • Textured grip for excellent control and comfort
  • Nail puller and pry bar


  • Length: 30"
  • Weight: 9 lbs

Recipient of Popular Science
"Best of What's New, 2008" Award.

"I broke out the FuBar, a new kind of hammer with an appetite for destruction, because the chicken-wire-like backing on my friend’s plaster walls was dulling my reciprocating saw blades like they were made of wax. Stanley designed the tool because today’s contractors use hammers mostly to break stuff—they drive nails with pneumatic guns. The FuBar’s square head and tapered edge tore huge holes in the walls, and the toothed jaws wrenched studs so forcefully I swear I heard the wood cry out in pain."
Popular Science, POPSCI Best of What’s New, 2008.

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"Does this have a gas and water shut off"

This tool was not designed to do either of the chores you have asked about. You might be able to do the gas shut off, but there isn't a shutoff build-it into it.

"Can this product be used as a hydrant wrench? I notice the open hex head on the back with the jaw, just not sure what size it is."

This tool was not designed to be used for a hydrant. However depending on the size of the nut on the top of your hydrants it could fit.