$26.95 - $100.95

Simulaids Stat Manikin Parts



Keep your Stat Manikins in tip top shape with these replacement parts

Replace all disposable or parts that will be utilized extensively with these manufacturers authorized components. 
During rigorous use these components will become worn or unusable which detracts from the simulation experience.  Most manikins will come with stock parts but now all the replacements are offered to replenish as needs arise.
All components are made with the same quality materials as the originals.  Each fits as a perfect replacement to the original.  Where needed components are sold in quantities which will afford you continued usage.
Parts offered:
  • Cricothyrotomy replacement skin (10/pack) for Stat Manikin 300 and 330
  • Cricothyrotomy replacement skin (10/pack) for Stat Manikin 310, 315 and 317
  • Pneumothorax pads (4/pack)
  • Arm Injection site (4/pack)
  • Simulated Blood Powder (1)
  • Reservoir bag (1)
  • Teeth set (3)
  • IV replacement skin (1)
  • IV replacement vein kit (1)

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