Simulaids Life/form® Basic GERi Manikin



Life/form® Basic GERi™ Manikin

For the economy-minded program that still wants the best! Includes all of the main features. GERi™ is the only nursing skills manikin that actually resembles a geriatric patient! GERi™ is a fully functional manikin ideal for preparing students for working with real-life geriatric patients.

GERi™ has an elderly appearance with skin wrinkles and folds. Complete lifelike range of motion, realistic patient positioning, and non-pinching joints - moves like a person.

No other manikins on the market are so realistic and true-to-life. The entire manikin has unique visual features to reinforce the importance of inspecting patients and noting changes in their appearance. Early detection of these changes simplifies their treatment and improves outcomes and patient health. All joints provide maximum realistic range of motion not found in any other manikin.

Life/form®  simulations have been included in GERi™ to allow the practice of more than 35 patient care procedures. The GERi™ Nursing  Skills Manikins are excellent for all levels of health care education — from nursing assistants to medical students. The perfect manikins for all OBRA required training. Five year warranty.

Realistic Patient Positioning, Flexibility, & Superior Range of Motion

No other manikin features movements as natural as the GERi™ for patient positioning, range of motion, and patient  flexibility. All major joints have natural movement to provide realistic practice of patient handling. Hands and feet are made of soft, flexible Life/form® material for added realism.
  • Ankle: Eversion, Inversion, Dorsiflexion, Plantarflexion
  • Elbow: Extension, Flexion, Pronation, Supination
  • Fingers: Abduction, Adduction, Flexion (soft, lifelike material)
  • Hip: Abduction, Adduction, Rotation, Hyperextension
  • Knee: Extension, Flexion
  • Neck: Rotation, Hyperextension, Lateral Flexion
  • Shoulder: Abduction, Adduction, Rotation, Hyperextension
  • Toes: Abduction, Adduction, Flexion (soft, lifelike material)
  • Trunk: Rotation, Hyperextension
  • Wrist: Flexion, Hyperextension, Radial Flexion, Ulnar Flexion
  • Lightweight - approximately 28 lbs.
  • Full-size adult manikin - measures 58"
  • Overall female appearance
  • Converts to male with removal of wig and attachment of male genitals
Visual Inspection:
  • Normal and Cancerous Mole
  • Stage 1 Sacral Ulcer
  • Dilated and Constricted pupils
  • Reddened Skin Folds 
Patient Care Simulation:
  • Bandaging and Wound Dressing
  • Bed Baths
  • Clothing Changes
  • Denture Placement and Removal, Upper and Lower
  • Ear Canal Irrigation, Otic Drops, and Hearing Aid Placement
  • Eye Irrigation
  • Finger and Toe Manipulation with Bandaging - Flexible and Individually Molded
  • Hair Care Washing and Combing
  • Intramuscular Injection Sites: Arm, Thigh, Buttock
  • Oral and Nasal Hygiene: Lavage, Gavage, and Suctioning
  • Ostomy Care: Ileostomy and Colostomy Tissue
  • Maintenance and Appliance Application, Lavage, and Suctioning
  • Patient Positioning
  • Patient Transfer Techniques
  • Pericare
  • Tracheostomy Care, Lavage and Suctioning
Shipping weight: 55 lbs.

Note: Wheelchair is not included.


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