Simulaids Instructor Professional Starter Package



Start a professional business of teaching CPR to help save a life!

This package is intended to give instructors the opportunity to replace older equipment or purchase start-up needs in the most economical way possible.
Have the advantage of all manikin age brackets to teach the most comprehensive classes for your students.  Each manikin comes with replacement mouth/nose pieces and airway systems as well as face shields to protect the students from cross contamination. 
Package includes:
  • (2) Adult CPR Brad Manikins
  • (1) Child CPR Kyle Manikin
  • (1) Infant Kim Newborn Manikin
  • (10) pack Adult, Child, and Infant mouth/nose pieces
  • (24) pack Adult, Child, Infant airway systems
  • (100) Latex free manikin face shields
Package comes in (5) boxes:
  • (2) 28”x18”x10”
  • 34”x11”x7”
  • 26”x8”x8”
  • 13”x13”x11”
            Total weight of all boxes is 60lbs.

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