Simulaids IV Training Arm Replacement Skin



IV Training Arm Replacement Skin

The Simulaids IV Training Arm and Hand units are designed to train personnel in procedures and techniques in starting IVs and venipuncture. The student can palpate the arm and hand, which are made of a supple PVC material that replicates the texture and feel of human skin. When the vein is located and the needle inserted, blood may be drawn or fluid injected. Both the Arm and Hand are made to withstand repeated use.

To replace skins on SIMULAIDS IV Arm or Hand:
1. Remove the used skin from the Arm or Hand. Carefully cutting it off is quickest.
2. Sprinkle talcum powder from enclosed packet in the interior of new skin.
3. Holding so that water cannot enter the inside, dip the skin into hot water (120°-180°F) for approximately 15-30 sec. This will make it easier to slip on and fit to inner Arm or Hand.
4. Shake out excess powder and slide the new skin over the Arm or Hand, pulling it into place.
5. Palpate veins to make sure they are positioned in the channel on the arm or hand. Adjust as needed.
6. Trim excess skin with scissors

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