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Simulaids Adult and Adolescent CPR Water Rescue Manikins

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Adult and Adolescent CPR Water Rescue Manikin

The Adult and Adolescent CPR Water Rescue Manikins are made of durable plastic with rust-resistant skeletons, articulated joints, and have CPR capabilities. As the manikins fill with water, they will sink up to the neck. To take them to the bottom, add five to ten pounds of weight (not supplied). A brick will do.

Includes 5 mouth/nosepieces, 5 airway systems, and shorts.
Top Water Rescue:
The adult Water Rescue manikin is designed for water safety programs. The manikin takes on weight by filling with water through the small holes in the legs and arms. The manikin’s torso may be filled with water by opening the valve located on the shoulder. When the manikin is filled it will sink to around mouth level.
Bottom Water Rescue:
To fully submerge the Adult Water Rescue manikin, remove the vinyl cover and plastic insert located in the abdomen of the manikin. Add about 10 lbs. of weight (i.e. a brick) Replace the plastic insert and vinyl cover. The manikin will now fully submerge. Important: It is strongly recommended that a flotation device and/or tether be affixed to the manikin in those situations where loss is possible.
Adult Size: 65" x 23" x 9" 
Adolescent Size: 49" x 16" x 9"

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