Simulaids 815 Basic Casualty Simulation Kit



The most economical way to get started creating realistic simulated injuries. Reusable wounds and refillable accessories let you practice bandaging and splinting techniques repeatedly. All materials and supplies are latex free.

Moulage Movie
Moulage (Moo-lahgz) instruction is hard to find, unless you see the Moulage Movie by Simulaids. Produced in conjunction with a leading artist using Hollywood-trained techniques and years of military experience, the Moulage Movie explains the use and application of every portion of the Simulaids Casualty Simulation Kits. Start simple and go for the realism; each segment of moulage is represented within the frames you’ll see during this professional 45 minute presentation. Use it as a base to build your repertoire of the most realistic moulage—and add real challenge to your next casualty scene simulation


  • 1 compound fracture tibia, complete with reservoir and pump assembled (#6761)
  • 1 bottle coagulant makeup blood (#226)
  • 1 pkg. Blood Powder— makes 1 gal. simulated blood (#225)
  • 12 assorted stick-on lacerations and open fracture wounds (#219, 1 doz.)
  • 1 casualty simulation wax (#223)
  • 1 pkg. broken Plexiglas® for simulating glass embedded wound (#230)
  • 1 ea. grease paint colors: white (#220), blue (#222), brown (#221) and red (#218)
  • 1 body adhesive for stick-on wounds (#PP2159)
  • 1 atomizer mist sprayer (#839)
  • 3 spatulas (reorder #835, Pk. of 6)
  • 3 tongue depressors (reorder #842, pk. of 100)
  • 1 pkg. of methyl cellulose for blood thickening (#228)
  • Size: 14" x 9" x 6". Sh. wt. 5 lbs.

See Operating Manual for more details.

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