Simulaids 2157 Sani CPR Family Pack



Stretch your CPR Training dollar and your students’ skills with 2 Adult Sani-Manikins, 1 Sani-Child, 1 Sani-Baby, plus a carry bag & supplies. At a family price.

CPR Manikins designed with the instructor in mind. No cleaning…No disinfecting…No disassembly…Just pack up and go! The simple, single-use face shield/airway/lung systems are easily disposed of and replaced—to quickly make each manikin sanitary…and ready for the next student. Adult and Pediatric Sani manikins include a head-tilt/chin-lift feature, which requires proper alignment to open the airway. Visible and palpable landmarks help ensure proper hand placement, while the foam-filled torsos provide realistic resistance to compressions, and creates observable chest rise to verify ventilation. These convenient, affordable trainers are lightweight and very portable, but don’t let their light weight and low price fool you. They’re extremely durable, with a tough vinyl skin that can take AED training as well as a lot of heavy hands-on training in CPR.
  • One convenient kit lets instructors train students on all different size “patients”… as economically as possible.
  • Simple, single-use face shield/airway/lung system means no cleaning, no disinfecting, no disassembly required.
  • Realistic head tilt-chin lift is required to open the airway. Palpable landmarks ensure proper hand placement.
  • Foam-filled torso provides resistance to compressions and observable chest rise to verify ventilation.
  • Light weight for portability, yet very durable, with tough vinyl skin for extended service life.

The Sani CPR Family Pack includes 2 Economy Adult Sani-Manikins, 1 Sani-Child, and 1 Sani-Baby manikin; 100 Adult Face Shield Lung Systems, 100 Child Face Shield Lung Systems, 100 Baby Face Shield Lung Systems, plus a Carry Storage Bag. Additional 100 packs of Face Shield Lung Systems are also available separately.

Adult, Child and Sani-Baby CPR Manikins feature:

  • Realistic head tilt to open airway
  • Single-use airway/lung/face shield system
  • Foam-filled torso provides resistance to compressions
  • Simulated chest rise
  • Visible and Palpable anatomical landmarks for reference in hand placement
  • Tough vinyl skin for extended training life
  • Made for intensive training in AED use, as well as CPR
  • Latex Free
  • 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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