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Rite in the Rain All-Weather Pocket Notebooks, Top Spiral Bound

$4.99 - $5.99
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If it’s important, write it down. Anywhere. Any time. In any weather.

"Outdoor Writing Products for Outdoor Writing People." This truly amazing, patented paper was created specifically for writing field notes in all weather conditions. From torrential rains in the Pacific Northwest, to the oppressive heat and humidity of a Florida summer day, Water simply beads up and rolls off of "Rite in the Rain" paper. It’s a natural wood-based paper product that sheds water, yet is completely recyclable. Come rain or come shine…your critical notes are safe when they’re written on "Rite in the Rain."
  • Write in any weather, even a torrential downpour. Your critical notes are secure.
  • Universal ¼" lined/grid-style paper is ideal for taking notes, charting, and recording data of all kinds.
  • Conveniently pocket-sized notebooks can be carried anywhere and used in all conditions.
  • Tough Polydura cover and 100 Universal Pattern pages (50 sheets) make them adaptable to any situation.
  • Sold in cost-effective 6-packs: to equip your squad, keep in different places, or ensure you have a spare.

Covers not included. Order separately.

Write in any weather. With the right pen…and "Rite in the Rain." The All-Weather Paper can be used wet or dry with a pencil or a "Rite in the Rain" All-Weather Pen. These unique, permanent ink ballpoint pens were originally developed for NASA to use in zero gravity. Their pressurized refills will write upside down, in temperatures from -30 to 250°F, over butter or grease, under water…and on "Rite in the Rain" All-Weather Writing Paper—wet or dry.


Size - 3" x 5"

  • Page Pattern - Universal
  • Binding - Top-Spiral wire-o
  • Cover - Polydura (yellow)
  • NSN - 7530-01-544-9452
  • Weight - 0.125 lb.
  • Package Quantity: 6-Pack

Size - 4" x 6"

  • Page Pattern - Universal
  • Binding - Top wire-o Spiral
  • Cover - Polydura (yellow)
  • Pages - 100 (50 sheets)
  • NSN - 7530-01-544-9456
  • Weight - 0.2 lb.
  • Package Quantity: 6-Pack

Choose 3 x 5" or 4 x 6" size pads. 6-Packs

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