Rite in the Rain All-Weather Pen Refill

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Pressurized refills made by Fisher Space Pen…with ink developed especially for “Rite-in-the-Rain.”

All the advantages of Fisher Space Pen refills, optimized for Rite-in-the-Rain. Fisher makes these special refills with an ink formulated specifically for the unique, coated surface of Rite in the Rain All-Weather paper. Like the original Fisher Space Pen developed for NASA to use in zero-gravity conditions, these pressurized permanent-ink refills will write smoothly upside down, in temperatures from -30 to 250°F, under water, over fingerprints, grease, or oils—without skipping or running—but especially on “Rite in the Rain” All-Weather Writing Paper…wet or dry. Fits all “Rite in the Rain Pens, Fisher Space Pens, and any pens using Parker Style refills.
  • Special ink formulation made for best wet adhesion on the unique surface of Write in the Rain All-Weather Paper.
  • Write under water, upside down, in any weather—without skipping or running.
  • Fits Rite in the Rain Pens, Fisher Space Pens, and all pens using Parker style refills.

Includes adaptor for pens using Parker-style refills.

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