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Ringers Barrier 1 Extrication Gloves, Short Cuff, Hi-Viz

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Extrication has changed forever!

Seconds count. We know that. The cost of any hesitation could be a life. That fact alone drives our dedication to be the best.

To provide a glove that allows you to do your job quickly, effectively, and most importantly, safely, is the number one priority when designing our gloves. The all new Ringers Extrication ESG Series is the most innovative glove product in the history of your profession!
  • Waterproof and breathable Hipora® barrier, protects against micro organisms such as TB, Hepatitis, Staph and HIV
  • Meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030
  • 3M™ reflective fabric
  • Boxed fingertip design for better fit and comfort
  • Molded TPR (Thermal Plastic Rubber) finger knuckle and finger tip panels
  • Molded TPR reduces impact and increases dexterity
  • Elastic cuff and gaitor to protect against broken glass and debris
  • .8mm synthetic leather palm with Nanotechnological anti-bacterial properties
  • Double Kevlar® stitching in high wear areas
  • Cut resistant Kevlar® palm, side panels, thumb panels and finger panels

Over 10 years of Ringers' research and development has produced a glove that is the ultimate in comfort, flexibility, dexterity, and protection. By utilizing Ringers' patented design and material technologies, we've developed the ultimate Extrication glove... Ringers ESG Series.

Manufacturer Update: Ringers identified the issue with the liner pulling out and corrected the issue.


Measure your hand with a tape measure around the knuckles of your hand (indicated by the red line in the illustration). Measure your dominant hand - the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed, then determine your Ringers Glove size using the chart below.

Size/Palm Width:
  • X-Small: 6.5" - 7"
  • Small: 7.5"- 8"
  • Medium: 8.5" - 9"
  • Large: 9.5" - 10.5"
  • X-Large: 10.5" - 11.5"
  • 2X-Large: 11.5" - 12.5"

Good gloves but the liner sucks


Overall these are good gloves, except for the liner. I bought these for the extra protection of the hipora barrier, however, the extra liner is more of a hindrance than a help. You have to be very careful taking the gloves off or you'll pull the liner out of each finger hole which makes it a pain to get them back on later. These gloves are ok if you don't take them off and put them on a lot, but because of the bad liner design I wouldn't recommend them.

Good Glove but Liner is bad


When you take the glove off the liner pulls out almost every time.

Better options out there


I bought these gloves to use on the FD but shortly after we got issued exrication gloves so I took these gloves to work (as a paramedic). They took forever to break in and are not very comfortable at all. They also do nothing as far as keeping your hands warm in the cold. The big upside is the BSI protection. They also seem to protect your hands well from glass, sharp edges and things like that. They are convenient but there are better and more comfortable options out there.

Patience Upon Removal


This is an awesome glove to own and use, many people have them in our department and use them. The liner is a pain in the butt inside the glove but if you dont want them to ruin you neeed to take out each finger individually and you should be able to put them back in the glove, but i also dont mind doing that :p.

Worst extrication glove I've ever worn.


Good protection but I wouldn't purchase these again. The liner sticks to your fingers when you pull your hand out. The cuff is elastic and is very uncomfortable around your wrist- I had to cut the cuff off just to be able to get my hand in. Once you sweat in these gloves, good luck pulling your hand out (even if you have the right size). The liner came out of mine and it's so rough you can't slide the liner back in correctly- so my gloves are useless now. I called Ringer and luckily they're sending me a replacement pair.

Inner Liner Issue


Great glove for the first few times you cut, then the inner liner separates from the outer shell and all hell breaks loose. Pinkies end up in thumbs, middle fingers are unraiseable, it just turns to utter chaos.

Don't Take Them OFF!


All the comments about the liner are exactly correct. Do not take them off until you are done and ready to put on your EMS gloves. They do a great job of protecting you from sharps, bangs, bumps, pinches, and icky fluids. They provide no protection at all from the cold. They don't work for anything but rescue/extrication, but they are great for that task.

Don't Use Around Sharp Objects?


I used these gloves on two extrications and the fabric tore. I called Ringers and was told they are not designed to stand up to sharp objects. Probably not a good design trait for working around torn metal and glass. Do not buy these unless you are comfortable with replacing them often.

Great set of gloves, just use care


This is a very good set of gloves. Not the best, no, but they are good. All these negative reviews about the liner falling out. If you take the five seconds to loosen your fingers one at a time you will never have that problem. But once you do pull them off, it's very difficult to put back on if you've been sweating. But they are also quick to dry. I used one set of gloves for a year and a half of relatively heavy use, with about 15-20 MVA's a month, at least two with heavy exricating required. They've never failed me, and have protected my hands. I used an identical set just for the race track, and they work just as good against the heavy plastic windshields, shredded fiberglass and chicken wired windscreens. They only issue I've ever had is that the wrist cuffs are very quick to melt if exposed to anything hot, but thankfully the wrist cuffs aren't necessary if you're wearing your bunker jackets cuff if it has it. The palms and top of the glove can withstand a bit more heat. I was very happy with the gloves and will eagerly return to use them when the time comes to replace mine currently.

Gloves were not what I expected


Ringers usually makes a great product, but these gloves are not very user friendly. The inner liner makes them close to impossible to get on after your hands get just a little bit sweaty. Your fingers get caught in the inner liner that moves independently of the outer shell. All the other gloves I have bought from Ringers have been excellent, just not these. I had to set them aside and use them to do work at home in vs at the fire department.

run small I beleive


Very very durable

don't listen to other reviews


if you have common sense you can use these gloves I have pulled the fingers out after the second extraction of the day, and i just pushed them back in. from the jaws to water rescue ops. My gloves were stolen off my rack twice. Most of our other members have these gloves

The liner is absolutely the worst!


As a 25 yr veteran firefighter, currently assigned to a truck company for 5 years, we have lots of MVA's and situations where we use these gloves. Our dept has been supplying these gloves to us for about 8 yrs. As far as the durability and protection of your hands they are great, dexterity is great...If and I do mean if you can get your hands in and out of them, if your hands are the slightest bit wet it's a nightmare, the liners also come out when you remove them after sweating in them, face it when the chips are down I hate having to mess around trying to get gloves on or off, they do not dry quickly enough between calls either, how many times are you out in the pouring rain multiple times on difficult extrications on a shift, or sweating bullets in the summer heat and you have to do some fine motor skill, like starting an IV, intubations etc and the extrication gloves come off, putting them back on is nearly impossible! Don't waste your money!

Great Glove! Liner doesn't pull out anymore


I use these gloves during auto extrication. They provide my hands will full range of motion while offering protection from extrication abrasions.