$303.50 - $328.15

Phenix Technology First Due Structural Fire Helmet

$303.50 - $328.15
SKU: W-1500-2000//Mixed Availability


First Due Structural Fire Helmet 

The First Due Structural contemporary Helmets have been designed to give superior head safety protection with the comfort and wear ability that has always distinguished the First Due Firefighter helmet line.

These helmets offer a well balanced and lightweight system which provides maximum protection for the user. The special design prevents aerodynamic lifting of the helmet when exposed to speeds as high as seventy miles per hour.

  • High temperature thermoplastic shell
  • Closed cell energy impact cap
  • Exclusive Phenix suspension liner (nape strap or ratchet) fully adjustable from 6 1/2" to 7 3/4". If necessary, extra small and extra large liners available upon request.
  • Nomex and fire retardant cotton 8" detachable earlaps provides ear/neck protection
  • Nomex webbing Quick Release Chinstrap with a Postman's slide 
  • NFPA compliant goggles (ESS FirePro or ATAC with retainers or long strap)
  • Attachment kit for goggle reatiner attachment (standard screw knob or ESS Snap On/Off)
  • Four 3M lime-yellow reflective 1"x4" strips
  • Compliant to current OSHA, NFPA 1971 and 1951 standards
  • Total weight: 36.5 oz
Note: Will only fit up to a 3.75" leather front.

Trusted by many departments for over 44 years, the Phenix First Due structural fire helmet provides all the protection you want and need while keeping your long term health in mind. The safest firefighting helmet is the one you keep on your head.

Since it is the lightest structural NFPA 1971 compliant helmet, boasting a low center of gravity and central balance, it is less likely to create the neck and upper back fatigue so many are used to during long incidents.  

The helmets comply with the following standards:
  • NFPA 1971-2015
  • NFPCA (77)
  • ANSI Z89 Class D
  • CAL-OSHA T8-3403 (88)
  • US OSHA 29CFR 1910.156(87)
Note: Does not come with hardware to attach a leather front.

This is a great helmet.


If you're looking for a light-weight, comfortable, well-priced helmet, this is the one for you. Going from my old, N5A New Yorker to this helmet is like night and day between price and weight. I mainly bought this helmet for summertime use in the 100 degree heat we face in SC. I must say I am satisfied with this product. I am definitely sold and this will be the only helmet I will continue to use/purchase.

Not suitable for structure fires.


I do not trust this product for interior use. It sits high and back on my head when wearing my mask; causing the tail to sit on my tank. That is with the suspension adjusted. The suspension is just a drawstring and fabric straps. Also, there is no impact cap. Just a thin foam pad between my head and the shell. The tail is not long enough to protect your neck.

This helmet bought me six extra years


All around Fire Service

Have Used Since '92


I have used this helmet since I started in the Fire Service in '92 in Cali. I have nothing but possitve to write about this helmet. I now have to use a Metro 660c, which I cant stand. But for anything other than Shift, this helmet is my go to. Looking forward to getting another, or there Trad. soon!

Helmet bubbles & melts on interiors


Been using this helmet for about a year now. Department bought these to save a few nickles and dimes. I would only recommend this helmet for tech use. Do not use this product for interior firefighting. Does not have an impact cap, the thermoplastic is thin. I have personally seen one of these helmets bubble in a fire, that is not what I want protecting my head. But on the other side, for use as a tech helmet, wildland, or usar type helmet this would be great because its so light. Thats the only pro.



We have used the Phenix Technology: First Due Phenix 1500 for 20 years now and love them.

I would buy another one if need.


I have no complaints on this product. The reason I bought another one is I needed a different color. My old one has held up excellent.

Phenix 1500


I bought this helmet to use for suppression instructing and I must say I was disappointed. It is super light weight which is why I bought it in the first place but as you progress from none live-fire evolutions to live-fire evolutions you begin to see where the weight was cut... First the shell is so thin the heat is transferred right through to the impact ring which then starts to shrink and melt. The second issue I experienced was the the suspension liner kept becoming detached from the helmet shell which caused one of the suspension attachment clips to be exposed to high heat and melt, now the liner wont go back in the helmet. This is all very disheartening as I have used other more traditional helmets and they have held up fine. IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO USE THIS HELMET FOR INTERIOR FIRE SUPPRESSION INSTRUCTING, I RECOMMEND SOMETHING ELSE. I must disclose I purchased this helmet from another supplier but that supplier does not allow product reviews. I'm reviewing here because TheFireStore seems to receive a fair amount of traffic.

Great Helmet


I have used this type of helmet for 3 different departments, one of which I worked for 34 years. This helmet never failed. Not in heat or head blow. I was involved in a roof collapse that ultimately cost me my career. I would recommend this helmet to anyone.