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PerSys Medical Wound Stop Care 1+, 6" Bandages, no Pressure Bar

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WoundStop Care1 Dressing - 6"; White (no pressure bar)

based on The Emergency Bandage Lightest, most compact bandage w/ mid-length leader, ideal for home care and common injuries.

WoundStop bandages are cost effective wound care solutions for mild to moderate bleeds. These bandages utilize a non-adherent pad, pressure applicator, elastic wrap, and closure bar in a ready-to-deploy sterile package. This lifesaving technology offers the same features as the original Israeli Bandage ® while offering a more light-weight material, more compact packaging, and less cost.
  • 6” x 7” sterile, non-adherent pad
  • 14 1/2’ fully expanded elasticized wrapping leader
  • Stop n’ Go feature is used to prevent unrolling.
  • Closure Bar guarantees a secure wrap.

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