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Paragon Plus Women Premium Poplin Dress S/S Uniform Shirt

$37.80 - $42.10
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Elbeco’s finest. For more day-to-day comfort, carefree good looks, and the advanced spill-resistant protection of NANO-TEX™

Elbeco’s premium Poly/Cotton blend Poplin dress uniform shirts: 
The popular Paragon™ provides all the qualities and crisp appearance of a correct uniform shirt, but with the softer, more comfortable feel most officers really want. Its excellent fabric offers the comfort of cotton and the durability of polyester.

It’s a great blend that retains the sharp, wrinkle-free look of polyester, yet breathes, absorbs moisture, and feels soft to the touch. Nano-Tex™, Elbeco’s advanced, breathable Nano Fluid Repellency technology enhances the fibers at the molecular level to keep liquids of all kinds from penetrating the fabric at normal pressures. It makes fluids simply bead up and roll off, while the toughest stains come right out in the wash.

And because it maintains the natural breathability of the fabric, you stay cool and comfortable. Plus it provides UV 40+ protection that shields your skin from the sun and protects the fabric against fading. Standard configurations present a sharp, uniform appearance with all the features shown below.
  • Premium 65% polyester / 35% combed cotton, poplin weave with Nano-Tex™ fluid-repellant technology
  • UV 40+ protection shields your skin from the sun; keeps the fabric from fading.
  • Nano-Tex™ advanced, breathable nanotechnology permanently resists spills, stains, & fluids of all kinds
  • Completely machine washable. Permanent pleats and Nano-Tex protection will not wash out.
  • You stay dry and comfortable while your garment just keeps looking good
  • All the qualities and features of a fine uniform shirt—with the softer, more comfortable feel you want.
  • Premium 65% polyester / 35% combed cotton, poplin weave with Nano-Tex™ fluid-repellant technology
  • UV 40+ protection shields your skin from the sun and keeps the fabric from fading.
  • Advanced Nano-Tex™ breathable nanotechnology permanently resists spills, stains, and fluids of all kinds
  • You stay dry and comfortable while your garment just keeps looking good
  • Completely machine washable. Permanent pleats and Nano-Tex protection will not wash out.
  • Vat-dyeing process provides superior color retention and fade-resistance
  • Comfort Touch finish provides a softer feel without sacrificing its crisp uniform good looks
  • All Women’s and Men’s Short-Sleeve Shirts feature a top-fused convertible collar with internal collar stays
  • Pleated pockets expand to hold more when necessary, without losing their normally flat profile
  • Scalloped flaps with hook & loop closures look great, open and close securely with one hand
  • Pen opening in left pocket and pocket flap
  • Badge eyelets with internal support strap
  • Cotton-blend collar band and inner yoke
  • Sewn-in military creases
  • Cross-stitched shoulder straps with functional button
  • Extra-long tails stay tucked in
  • Weight: 4.25 oz./sq. yd. | 7.25 oz./linear yd.

For over 100 years, Elbeco has been designing and perfecting uniform shirts and trousers to meet the exacting standards of Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, Corrections, Military, Postal and Transportation agencies. We’re proud to make them available to you and your department.

Elbeco Features and Fit. Short sleeve or long, these comfortable, easy-wearing premium uniform shirts offer so much more—yet cost you so much less in the long run. Elbeco stock styles offer most of these standard features. Depending on the specific model and its purpose, you’ll find a wide variety of fabrics and individual differences in design.
  • Banded Collar
  • Cross-Stitched Epaulettes
  • Pocket Flaps
  • Pleated Front Pockets
  • Convertible Collar
  • Embroidered Badge Tab with Pierced Eyelets
  • Permanent Military Creases
  • High Impact Melamine Buttons
Nano-Tex™ Nanotechnology Resists Spills. You stay clean, dry, comfortable.Nano-Tex™ permanent fiber technology makes these exceptional garments completely waterproof and virtually stain proof. This advanced molecular-level fabric treatment adheres to the fabric as a microscopic coating of the individual fibers to prevent fluids of all kinds from penetrating the fibers, while it preserves the natural breathability of the fabric.

Water or other liquids that aren’t forced through the fabric under pressure will simply bead up and run off. Soil and stain agents—mud, blood, oils, coffee, mustard, even jelly from a messy donut—will simply wash right off—while the protection provided by Nano-Tex will not wash out. These garments are completely washable, over and over again.

You can breathe easy…in every sense. & can make it easier to get precisely the styles, materials, and features you need. At a reasonable price. In minimal time. We offer a selection of Elbeco’s [most advanced and] most popular styles, in stock and ready-to-order.

When you order through and, you can get the uniform you want, when you want it. In fact over 95% of the orders placed by our customers are shipped within 24 hours. In addition to our stock models and sizes, we can provide any item in the Elbeco Catalog, with a wide variety of customizing options including many other fabrics, colors, styles; and added or customized features. We can even provide special designs to meet departmental requirements and personal needs.

For more information about special orders or departmental orders of stock items, please call us at 800 852-6088.

As a law enforcement professional, you have to meet very high standards.
So should your uniform.
Since 1907, Elbeco has been setting the industry standard for quality uniforms; successfully combining time-honored tradition with the latest in styles, features, and fabric technology.

Today more than 17,000 U.S. law enforcement departments rely on Elbeco to meet their highest standards for appearance and performance. But they get even more. Because Elbeco customers also enjoy the exceptional tailoring, superior fit, and genuine comfort that come from a century of experience creating nothing but uniforms.

It adds up to real value. Value that we at & are proud to offer you.
How to get the right fit…and all the comfort.
Click for Elbeco’s Measuring Guide.

Paragon Plus Uniform Shirts are also available in Women’s Long Sleeve and Men’s Sizes.

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Sizing seems to Run Large


I purchased the 34, which was matched my measurements but not the normal size of clothes I wear, and it was too big. I would recommend ordering the size you normally wear (S, M, or L), vs just going with your measurements, as they seem to run quite big. I returned the shirt, and haven't replaced it yet, though I hope to, so I don't know how it wears longterm yet.



We wear our dress shirts for special occasions. I love the feel and quality of the shirt. The only thing I don't like is how long the tail is. It is so hard to tuck in. some of us have the tails shortened and wear it on the outside of our pants ranther than tucked in. this works great.