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North American Rescue Combat Casualty Response Kit-Squad Kit



Equip Yourself with the Ultimate Response Kit: North American Rescue Combat Casualty Response Kit®-Squad Kit™ (CCRK)

In the demanding world of first response, every tool must be finely tuned to meet the rigors of the field. Developed with end-user requirements and skill sets in mind, our innovative Combat Casualty Response Kit®-Squad Kit™ stands ready to deliver durability, versatility, mobility, and efficiency when it matters most. Carefully curated to address the top three causes of death from penetrating trauma identified by the COTCCC (60% extremity bleeding / 33% tension pneumothorax / 6% airway obstruction), this kit ensures you have the essential supplies to save lives in critical situations.

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: Crafted from 500D CORDURA® Solution-Dyed Nylon with Near Infrared Signature Reduction and equipped with Ghillie-Tex IR signature reduction hardware, our kit offers durability and reliability in the field.
  • Versatile Carriage Configuration: Multiple-load carriage configuration capabilities, including fanny pack, over the shoulder, attachments for 3-day assault packs, and MOLLE style webbing, ensure you can carry your kit in the most convenient and accessible way for your mission.
  • Enhanced Security: The Enhanced Hip Stabilization System provides greater security during transport, ensuring your supplies stay in place when every moment counts.
  • Quick Access: Trauma Shear Storage on the front of the bag allows for quick and easy access to essential tools when time is of the essence.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Bag (CCRK® Squad)
  • 5 x pairs Black Talon® Nitrile Trauma Gloves
  • 2 x NAR® Pre-Lubricated Nasopharyngeal Airway - 28F(117 mm)
  • 1 x Petrolatum Gauze (3 in. x 18 in.)
  • 1 x HyFin® Chest Seal
  • 2 x ARS® Needle Decompression Kit (14 G x 3.25 in.)
  • 2 x C-A-T® (Combat Application Tourniquet®)
  • 4 x ETD™ 6 in. Emergency Trauma Dressing
  • 4 x S-Rolled Gauze™ (4.5 in. x 4.1 yd)
  • 1 x ETD™ Abdominal Emergency Trauma Dressing
  • 2 x SAM® Splint II
  • 1 x Trauma Shears (7.25 in.)
  • 4 x Polycarbonate Eye Shield
  • 1 x Surgical Tape (2 in.)
  • 1 x Combat Casualty Reference Card
  • 2 x Triage Card (NAR T2 Tag®


  • Case Closed: H 7.75 in. x W 13 in. x D 9 in.
  • Weight: 4 lb 6.5 oz

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Don't leave response to chance. Equip yourself with the ultimate response kit and ensure you have the essential tools to save lives in critical situations.

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