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Morning Pride Lite Force Plus Low Rider Modern Helmet, NFPA

$331.59 - $786.39
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New and improved “Low Rider” delivers a lower center of gravity for superior feel and comfort.

Lite Force Plus Low Rider Modern Helmet super tough, thoroughly proven. Morning Pride creates superior durability using extreme heat and pressure to compress multiple layers of fibers and exclusive resins into an extremely strong, yet shock dissipating composite.

Lite Force Plus helmets are made from their special "FYR-Glass" formula composite. This super tough shell material has been proven for years to resist cracking, chipping, and peeling better than traditional fiberglass composites and Kevlar reinforced shells. Even helmet ridges show significantly less wear. It means you can depend on your Lite Force Plus helmet for many years of dependable performance and protection.
  • New and improved “Low Rider” delivers a lower center of gravity
  • 6 point suspension system provides a full 1.5” of adjustment for quick and easy custom fit
  • No accidental creeping down the face, nose dig or fogging problems
  • Works over eyeglasses and no ear cover interface problems
  • NFPA 1971, 2007 Edition Certified

The LiteForce Plus Delivers:

  • Stronger, Lighter, Field proven FYR-Glass shell: Delivers years of dependable protection and unbeatable value
  • Low Ride Improved: 6-point suspension and wider interior, coupled with the lowest center-of-gravity on the market. Provides superior ride and fit.
  • More Comfort: Specially made headliner cradles your head in comfort while it cushions overhead straps away from your hair and head.
  • Best SCBA interface: No need to adjust suspension
  • Protected Suspension Straps: Internally protected straps cannot be affected by external heat or flame.
  • Yellow Nomex Earlaps: 4.5 oz. 2 Layer Nomex FR Cotton. The highest level of ear and neck protection comes standard.
  • Best Range of Available Sizes: No need for small, medium or large headband sizes. With our improved headband/ratchet, it will fit the largest range of hat sizes of any NFPA helmet on the market—from under size 6 to over size 9
  • Most Adjustable Headband: Four position depth adjustments, two at the front and two at the rear, makes it possible to fit almost any head with just a few quick and easy adjustments. No tools needed.
  • Useable Hang-up Loops: Actually large enough to fit over a peg

Lite Force Plus-Additional Specifications:

  • NFPA 2007 Edition Certification
  • NFPA 1971, 2007 Edition
  • Earcovers: 4.5 oz. Nomex 2 Layer FR Cotton, Yellow, 2007 Edition
  • Reflexite Bars:1" x 4" LF Plus, Yellow
  • Chinstrap: Nomex quick release Postman Slide
  • Headband/Ratchet Cover of Indura Cotton

The Best Warranty in the Business. Morning Pride guarantees their helmets to be free from any defects in material or workmanship for the life of the product. In addition, manufacturer guarantees composite shells for 5 years and thermo-plastic shells for 3 years from the date of manufacture, should it wear out or be damaged during normal firefighting and/or training activities. This warranty excludes helmets or parts that are "lost" due to acts of nature or negligence.

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Late order


This item is back ordered. I placed the order in January and had to call customer services after not getting my order. I got an email stating my helmet shipped, but later found it it was not in stock. There was no indication on the site that it was back ordered, nor did a get a back order notification. I have been told it will ship March 21st, 2 months after placing the order.



good helmut



Have used this product for over 10 years and never had a failure. It is lighter, less expensive and meets all needed requirements.

Morning Pride Low Ride Helmet


It is very comfortable to wear.

Happy I spent my $$ on this


Use the helmet for structural firefighting and vehicle rescue. It's light weight durable and offers great protection