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Meret Oxygen Cylinders, Empty

$67.99 - $112.99
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Meret’s “Z” valve oxygen cylinders is 100% leak tested to full service pressure.


  • All cylinders come standard with a "Z" valve (a hand tight valve), Toggle valve, or standard Post valve
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • D cylinder - 425 liters capacity; 20”H x 14”circumference
  • JD cylinder - 623 liters capacity; 20”H x 16.5” circumference
  • E cylinder - 660 liters capacity; 28”H x 14” circumference
This product(s) is classified as a Medical Device and requires a physician authorization for purchase. All orders of this product(s) will be placed on hold pending verification of an authorization for purchase of this product(s). You may download a Medical Device authorization form here. Once completed the form can be sent to our headquarters via fax at (888)335-9800 or mailed to Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. 104 Independence Way Coatesville, Pa. 19320 Attn: EMS Medical Devices.

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Anticipated usage time is dependant on the liter flow delivered to the recipient and their respiratory effort. It's impossible to estimate the duration the oxygen content would last due to the variations of the use.

"how many liters is this tank , how many cubic feet is it, and how long does it last?"

Per the description of this item, it contains 623 liters at full capacity.. Duration is dependant on the use and liter flow of the intended use. There is no way to place a time frame on the consumption of the oxygen without knowing how it's to be utilized.

"Looking for toggle valve setting on top of a home fill post/port , would like to put said combo on E tanks of which I have three so I need that valve if you have it ? Thanks for any help on this in advance. Bobaluie"

You'd have to provide a picture of what you're trying to accomplish. The oxygen cylinders listed here are CG870 connections.

"At a flow setting of 2, how much time will I get from this cylinder on trip to doctor's office."

It depends on the size of the cylinder. A ""D"" sized cylinder should last several hours at a low setting such as 2lpm.

"Where do you go to fill it?"

These have to be filled by a service which can fill medical grade oxygen. You will also need a physician's prescription to fill a cylinder if you're not affiliated with an EMS or Fire service as Oxygen is classified as a medication which requires a physician's authorization to utilize.

"Are these tanks new with current hydro testing dates? (2015 or newer)"

When you order a cylinder you will receive a brand new cylinder. These are not used and ship directly from the manufacturer so the hydro date will be the most current possible.

"How how would a tank last at 3 liters cont? And how much does a tank cost.?"

The tank itself will last for a very long time as long as you take care of it and have it hydro tested at the recommended intervals. These tanks do not have oxygen in them and would have to be filled but once filled the time frame on how long it will take to run out of oxygen depends on the flow rate the tank is set at and for how long it is used. The price of these tanks range from $55.59 - $88.59 depending on the size of the tank and the valve.

"Do you carry the Cylinder Aluminum Tank With Post Valve With On/off Toggle, With Pressure Gauge - 6.0 Cubic Feet ""B"" Size (M6) Must have integrated toggle"

We do not have version of a Post Valve. We can only offer at this time the one that you see on this product page.

"Can I email a pic of my pilots license to buy the D-Cylinder with the Z valve"

To order this product please call into our customer service department at 1-800-852-6088 they will be more than happy to help you with your order.

"I thought the D tanks had the valve to refill on my home unit. That's what i'm looking for. If not where can I purchase them? Thank you for your reply."

The type of cylinder that you need to purchase is going to depend on the system that you have at home. Without knowing what the type of system and connections it is using we can not guarantee that these cylinders will fit.