MEIKO SCBA and PPE Multi-Washer, TopClean M

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MEIKO SCBA and PPE Multi-Washer, TopClean M

The MEIKO TopClean M speeds up work and improves hygiene in respiratory protective equipment workshops.

The TopClean M cleaning and disinfection appliance can be relied upon to clean BA masks hygienically.

TopClean M has three cycles based on soil levels ( 2 mins. 33 sec.; 4 mins; and an 8 mins. 14 secs. intensive cycle that includes an additional wash tank drain and refill). It uses 0.66 gallons (2.5 liters) of fresh rinse water per cycle. Front-mounted controls include one-touch cycle selection choice and digital temperature displays.

Its integral two-stage filter system automatically filters and removes soils from the wash tank throughout the wash process. A built-in final rinse pump ensures consistent water consumption and final rinse results, regardless of variations in water supply pressure.

Soft Start slowly engages the wash pump, gradually building water pressure to help prevent PPE from shifting on the rack.

The wash cycle will automatically be extended if needed to ensure that final rinse water heats to a minimum temperature of 120°F (49°C).

Aqua Stop, built-in leak detection system, turns off the external fill valve if an internal leak is detected, and also provides error/troubleshooting messages to the operator.

Built-in liquid detergent and rinse-aid pumps ensure proper dosing. Sensors provide a message when refill is needed.

One basket rack and a four-mask-holder insert are standard with TopClean M. Other optional accessories are available.

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Special features:

  • MEIKO’s ActivePlus wash-water filter system creates the cleanest water possible by filtering tank water multiple times throughout the wash. Dirt, grime and toxins are washed out when the filter is backflushed at specific intervals.
  • Auto Safe temperature control ensures a final rinse temperature of 120°F (49°C) regardless of the incoming water temperature (hot-water supply preferred).
  • MIKE 2 electronic control system includes one-touch operation, one-touch selection of three different cleaning cycles, automatic temperature monitoring with digital display, and advanced service diagnostics.
  • Soft Start slowly engages the wash pump and gradually builds wash pressure, to help prevent PPE from shifting on the rack.
  • Aqua Stop automatically turns off the external fill valve if an internal leak is detected, and provides troubleshooting messaging to the operator.
  • Built-in booster heater with power rinse pump ensures final rinse pressure and temperature, for consistent, high-quality cleaning results.
  • The internal reverse osmosis system forces water through a semi-permeable membrane and removes dissolved solids, including salts and soils. It creates the purest final rinse water possible, completely free of contaminants, for brilliantly clean results.
  • Overall dimensions: 23-5/8" W x 23 5/8" D x 38" H | 600 x 600 x 965 mm

Standard features:

  • Variable program cycles: Cycle 1 - 2 mins. 33 sec.; Cycle 2 - 4 mins; Cycle 3 - 8 mins. 14 secs. (intensive cycle that includes an additional wash tank drain and refill).
  • Washes 23 racks per hour using just 0.66 gallons (2.5 liters) of rinse water per rack. (Optimum output: 92 masks per hour; 23 SCBA sets per hour.)
  • 3/4 Hp (0.56 kW) wash pump.
  • Double-wall construction provides extra insulation, keeping heat inside the machine, conserving energy and reducing noise for a quieter environment.
  • SCBA breathing-air pressurization port.
  • Fully automatic fill and chemical dispensing.
  • Built-in liquid detergent and rinse-aid pumps.
  • Corrosion-resistant 304 and 316L stainless steel construction.
  • Pumped drain for floor and wall drain applications.
  • Machine shutdown activates an automatic wash chamber rinse for easy cleaning.
  • Stainless steel non-clogging wash and rinse arms.

***Please note if washing helmets to take of any carved brass or copper front/shield holders. These will tarnish if they go through the washer.

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