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MDI CPR MicroHolster-Plus



The convenient, highly durable pouch and CPR MICROSHIELD-plus with one pair of disposable nitrile gloves makes the CPR MICROHOLSTER-plus the choice of those who wear their protection on their hip. The hook and loop pouch is ideal for police, EMT's, correctional officers or any professional responder. This one size fits all MICROSHIELD-plus offers a 6" X 6" barrier shield along with a 2 cm bitblock/airway tunnel for adults and children. The added protection of the filter is located above the valve to eliminate contact with victims fluids.

  • Adult and Child CPR has been made easier due to the 2 cm airway tunnel, which allows the rescuer to perform proper CPR.
  • Added Protection of a Filter which is located above the valve to eliminate contact with the victim's fluids.
  • Positive One-Way Valve at the heart of the CPR MICROSHIELD-plus is a patented valve that is always closed until the rescuer exhales. The valve opens to provide a low resistance airway and closes immediately when the rescuer finishes each breath.
  • CPR Compatible is the most important benefit received when using the CPR MICROSHIELD-plus. Designed to compliment, not complicate, the specific techniques known as "CPR".
  • True Mouth-To-Mouth Seal is achieved. Our sealing method is identical to the method taught in CPR classes, thus avoiding complicated hand seal methods which pulls the rescuer from the all important learned technique. This also allows the rescuer to perform an effective head-tilt, chin-lift maneuver.
  • Clear Barrier allows the rescuer to observe signs of obstructions, fluids present, and lip color while performing CPR.
  • Airway Enhancement. The bite block/airway tunnel inserted into the patient's mouth assists the rescuer in maintaining an open airway when performing the head-tilt, chin-lift maneuver.
  • Ultra Compact Pouch allows you the convenience of always being able to carry the barrier, so you can respond to those unexpected situations.

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