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Lakeland Class 2 Mesh Open-sided, Breakaway Vest, Zipper Front, Lime Yellow, Size: Regular

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Be seen. Be safe. Be comfortable. And in full ANSI 207-2006 compliance.

Class 2 Mesh Open-sided Breakaway Vest
Zipper Front
Color: Lime Yellow
Size: Regular
High Contrast Design provides better visibility against all backgrounds, under all conditions. Lakeland High Visibility Vests are specially designed to help protect Public Safety Employees who must work in high traffic environments.

Meets ANSI 207-2006 for Public Safety Employees. Mandatory since November 2008!
Federal legislation 23CFR634 became effective in November 2008.This enforceable standard requires all workers on foot, whose duties place them within the right-of-way for a Federal-aid highway, to wear High Visibility apparel. Included in this definition are “responders to incidents, law enforcement, personnel when directing traffic, investigating crashes, and handling lane closures, obstructed roadways and disasters with the right-of-way.”
ANSI 207-2006 is the new American National Standard for High Visibility Vests designed to meet the practical needs of Fire Fighters, Fire, Police, EMS and others engaged in Public Safety Operations. 

Lakeland’s new High Contrast Public Safety Vests meet and exceed all ANSI 207-2006 requirements. If you haven’t already upgraded to high-contrast vests, now is the time. Each Lakeland model is specifically designed and sized to meet the special needs of its wearer, and to fit over operational clothing such as structural fire gear or a police officer’s duty belt. These quality safety garments feature breakaway construction to reduce snag-and-drag dangers. FR treated polyester mesh material is trimmed with full horizontal and vertical 2” silver retro-reflective tape centered on a bright, contrasting orange background stripe. The combination of contrasting colors and reflective surfaces provides maximum visibility against all backgrounds and in all lighting and weather conditions.


  • ANSI 207-2006 Compliant for Public Safety Personnel
  • Compliant with Federal Law 23CFR634
  • Fire Retardant treated polyester will not support combustion when removed from the flame source.
  • Cool mesh fabric offers maximum ventilation, fast drying, and easy handling characteristics
  • Open sided adjustable
  • Contrasting Hi-Viz Orange & Reflective 3" Trim
  • Break away shoulder style
  • Hook & Loop front closure
  • Radio pocket with vented bottom for quick draining and faster drying of equipment
  • Badge tab, Left chest.
  • 2 mic tabs
  • Inside pocket, left chest
  • Available in Lime-Yellow only

Lightweight Cool Mesh maximizes both safety and comfort. Advanced breakaway shoulders and sides allow this superbly engineered safety vest to come off quickly and completely, if it should ever become snagged by traffic or other hazard. Plus its hook-and-loop front closure not only allows faster donning and doffing, it provides a fifth breakaway point to exceed ANSI 207-2006 requirements for Public Safety Vests.
Lakeland’s Cool Mesh FR polyester material provides unsurpassed levels of contrast and visibility for a mesh vest. Plus its light weight and oval-vented design allows almost complete ventilation for maximum comfort in the hottest conditions, while still offering exceptional abrasion resistance and wear characteristics. You’ll find it extremely fast drying. And laundering is easy on non-commercial equipment.
ASTM Fire Retardant treatment makes this surprisingly durable mesh fabric self-extinguishing to ASTM standards when moved away from the source of combustion.

Designed with functionality in mind. The hook-and-loop-fastening sides are not only an ANSI 207-2006 compliant safety feature; they also offer an extremely wide range of adjustment. Lakeland Public Safety vests will fit properly over many kinds of operational clothing and accessories, and still provide easy access to tools, radios, hydration, weapons, and other necessary gear.

The breakaway shoulders have rounded ends for non-chafing comfort and a secure hold, yet their hook-and-loop fasteners will come open quickly and cleanly when the vest is pulled. A ventilated front radio pocket, badge tab, microphone tabs, and inside left chest pocket add utility for firefighters, fire police, law enforcement, rescue workers, and public safety officials of all kinds.


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