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LION by Thorogood Men's 9" Station 1 EMS/Wildland Boot

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These hard-working boots never clock out, even if your shift turns into a double. 

LION by Thorogood’s exclusive Vibram® ATS (All-Terrain Sole) provides exceptional traction on any surface. GORE® CROSSTECH®  triple-layer moisture barrier is the toughest in the industry.

Safety features include a flexible Lenzi L-Protection® puncture-resistant insole, triple-rib ladder shank and composite safety toe.

These station boots are EMS and Wildland firefighting certified for the person who has to be prepared for everything.

  • GORE® CROSSTECH® waterproof lining
  • Full-grain, flame-/cut-resisting leather
  • Steel triple-rib logger shank
  • Exclusive Vibram® ATS outsole
  • Cement construction
  • NFPA 1999 EMS & 1977 Wildland certified
  • CONSTRUCTION: Goodyear Storm Welt
  • PROTECTION: NFPA 1999 EMS, & 1977 Wildland - ASTM F2413-11
  • WATERPROOF: GORE® CROSSTECH® waterproof lining
  • HEIGHT: 9"
  • OUTSOLE: Vibram® Fire and Ice LugVibram® Fire and Ice Lug
  • COLOR: Black
  • Imported
  • FOOTBED: Removable Dual-density polyurethane
  • INSOLE: Lenzi L-Protection® flexible, non-metallic, puncture-resisting
  • SHANK: Steel Triple-rib Logger Shank
  • TOE PROTECTION: Composite Safety Toe
All leather LION by Thorogood NFPA products manufactured by WeinbrennerShoe Company or its authorized agent are guaranteed to be free of any manufacturing or material defects for a period of one year from date of purchase with the exception of the sole which shall be warranted for the usable life of the boot.  (Normal sole wear is not considered a defect.) 


love them


I love these boots we run multiple brush fires in a month and with a quick wipe down great as an ems squad boot.

Decent, but not the best.


They look great, feel good standing still. Walking, the dorsal foot/ankle is not cut sharp enough so there's lots of space above the foot, and as you step forward the sides bulge out. Sole is great for grip and comfortable. Boot is very hot. But your feet DEFINATLY feel protected.

real good boot


the boot is perfect but the one thing i felt i was lied to is when i recieved my boots they did NOT have the 3M hi-viz piping they say they have on the boots. aside from that the boots work perfectly. if you are buying the boots for the hi-viz piping i would call the firestore prior to buying.

good solid boot


the boot is perfect for myself as a EMT. the only thing i didnt like was the fact that they say the boot has 3M Hi-viz piping on it and when i recieved my boots yesterday they DID NOT have the hi-viz piping on them thewy they clain to have. aside from that the boots looks and feels great

wheres the reflective


was disappointed that there was no reflective markings and that it took so long to get here

3M Hi-viz piping


Yes it appears that they have taken away the 3M Hi-viz piping. It is not on any that I have seen lately nor in current adds. The 3M Hi-viz piping on the two pair that I own and others in our department own is very visible. We spend lots of time in the middle of IH 35 so the visibility is great. The boots light up in the headlights. I will still buy new boots but I too am very disappointed that the boots no longer have the 3M Hi-viz piping. I have over 350 days of wear on each pair with only problems with the inside of the heal tearing which they supposed to have addressed in the new version.

Amazing boot!!!!


This is my third pair of these boots. my only dissapointment is that there is no Hi-Vis piping, i was hoping they would have atleast kept the heal patch. All around my Hell fires have been through hell and back, please excuse the pun... wildfires, vehicle accidents and hazmat incidents, they have survived them all. i go through a pair a year, only because i work so much i wear them every day for over 12 hours a day.

Fantastic Quality.


It's about time somebody put all these features together. Durable, well constructed, good looking boots with the safety features I need. I guess I got lucky becuase mine came with the reflective piping. The BBP resistance was the biggest factor for me becuase, Yes, I have had blood drip on my boots before. Shipping was fast, customer service was very helpful.

Consider a different boot to buy


This have been - by far the most uncomfortable boots I have ever owned. The break in period is extending for months. The area of the foot in contact with the back edge of the protective toe is continuously pinched on every step. The upper edge of the tongue is stuffed with a very hard material so that edge continuoisly chafes the shin. The boots are also quite heavy and very hot in warmer weather. It appears the materials they are made of provide no breathability. I measured my feet and bought the recommended size 9 only to find these run a half size small. This prompted a reorder and shipping delays. Although the price may be tempting ( do note these boots are made in China), and although I love the styling and front, adjustable zipper, I seriously recommend you consider another boot for all applications.



Second pair of boots. First pair had the reflective markings. This pair didn't. But was advertised that it does. What's up with that?

Good & bad


I bought these boots for everyday station duty plus for WUI OP's. the boots are very lightweight, seem to be made to last & have a rugged aggressive self cleaning tread. I suggest ordering a size 1/2 bigger than you normally wear as Thorogoods seem to run smaller than most other boots. Unfortunately these boots do not fit my feet well in spots like around my ankle & heel & they are really tearing my feet up. I am going to try some different lacing styles & boot socks & try breaking them in more but if they continue to chafe & blister my feet I will have to get rid of them. Overall I would recommend these boots with a caution, some brands or types of boots will fit your feet perfectly, other brands will not.

Excellent allround boot


After many different boots over the years, Danner/Magnums/Bates etc I've finally found the perfect boot. I solely use these for EMS duties as we've a separate structural firefighting boot. I've been in through all sorts of muck in these and they still clean up perfect and take a good polish. Wore in quite nicely and kept me warm and dry in the coldest and wettest the Irish winter has to offer. They are warm in the hottest of summer days but I haven't come across a boot that isn't to be honest?

Very disappointed


Had the boots 2 years now after they were FINALLY delivered. Initially liked the boots. It's been almost 2 years and today the inner lining is pulling away from the inside walls of the boot. Can't say never but do not see myself purchasing another Thorogood product.

Definitely worth the price


I wear these every time I go to the station. They are perfect for field burning and everyday wear. At first they are pretty heavy, but once you get used to them they are very easy to walk in.

Versatile boot


These boots started out very snug. I wasn't sure they were even going to fit. After breaking them in, though, they fit like a glove. They're light enough for everyday hiking, sturdy enough that I trust them during chainsaw work, and have good traction. If I need to get somewhere in a hurry, they don't slow me down. I have no problem sprinting for short distances, climbing up trees or into the bed of my work truck, or hopping across narrow gullies. The lacing system is weird to me and takes a little work to get it tied as tightly as I prefer, and the zipper can be a little finicky. Overall a good and versatile boot. I can't think of a work or outdoors situation where I wouldn't trust these boots.

Fit great once I got rid of zipper


Bought for wildland fire. Originally ordered Firestalker elites but they were not available until February (9 months away). Felt broken in right away but were a little roomy in the heel area. Had trouble tightening with the zipper attached so I just removed the zipper attachment and laced normally....fit much better.


"Are these boots going to be available without the reflective material. It shows 2 different boots on your website. Thanks"

It doesn't look like they are going to, they are using it as a selling point for their boots. Now that doesn't mean that they won't sometime in the future, but for now no.

"i saw on the website the boots say they come with 3M hi-viz piping on the boots but when i got my boots yesterday the boots do not have the piping on them. I dont really mind but you might want to address this issue either put the piping on the boots or take out that statment on the website"

We will remove the language about reflective piping and ensure that the pictures are current. Thanks for your feedback and your business.

"how long is normal shipping to zip code 56573"

Hi. These boots will most likely drop ship from the manufacturer so it will be 2-4 weeks.

"If I order this item online, what is the estimate time for this item to be shipped? Thank you for your time."

It depends on the size you wear. We stock some of the popular sizes, but if the boot drop ships directly from the manufacturer it will take 2 - 4 weeks.

"Is there a return policy if these don't fit. My experience is: different boot brands fit differently, even if they have the same sizing system. (Ie: Nicks vs Danner vs Whites vs Ariat)"

Yes, we have a 30 day return policy. Here is the link to our website with the informaiton. Please scroll down 3/4 of the way down for the return policy. http://www.thefirestore.com/help.cfm

"Does this boot have a steel toe?"

No, composite toe. Thanks for your question.

"If the boot does not fit properly may I return it?"

Boots may be returned, if upon receipt of your order, you determine the sizing is incorrect. Your sizing decision and the acceptance of your boots must occur before you put them in service and within 30 days of purchase. Boots returned with any evidence of use will be sent back to you and credit denied.

"Are they made in the US?"

No, this boot is not manufactured in the US. Thanks for your question.

"Do the zippers come w/ the boot or are they separate purchase?"

Yes the zippers come with the boot,

"Do you have a size 15 extra wide in stock? And does it come with the 3m piping Reflective Material on them ?"

We do not at moment have a pair of the 804-6379-150XW in stock, they can be ordered if wish. We do have a pair of the 804-6379-150W this is a pair of 15 wide boots, but i'm sorry we are out of the X wide in size 15

"Can these boots be polished to a gloss shine."

Do you know how to do a SPIT SHINE? if you were ever in the Armed Forces, then you would know that you can spit shine just about anything made of leather, shoes, boots, belts etc. Go for it, if you have the time to put a spit shine on your boots, why not!

"I was just wondering what happened to the Hi-Vis reflective piping and heel patch? Why are these boots not being made with these anymore? Seems like a lot of people including myself liked these boots even more because of that feature."

I just bought a pair of these boots here a few weeks ago and even though it doesn't show up in the photo on the website, the boots did actually have the reflective piping and a reflective Hellfire logo on the back of the boot.

"When will you have size 10 medium in stock again?"

This size appears to be available.

"Does this boot fit true to size or run small/big?"

We think that the boot fits true to size, haven't heard of any complaints about sizing.

"How's the breathability of these boots? I wear my boots for 12 or more hours a day and have had trouble in the past with boots like 5.11."

Sorry I don't know what to tell you, i copied some of the information from Thorogood and posted it below. Waterproof, breathable BBP-resisting Sympatex barrier lining keeps feet dry, safe, and comfortable Moisture wicking airflow perforation pores in the shaft move air in, moisture out, for cooling and comfort Cambrelle / Sympatex WATERPROOF Barrier. Blood Borne Pathogen Compliant. Shaft Vapor Exhaust Vents

"I was just wondering what happened to the Hi-Vis reflective piping and heel patch? Why are these boots not being made with these anymore? Seems like a lot of people including myself liked these boots even more because of that feature."

For some reason, Thorogood removed that feature.

"Since this says "" Men's 8"" and im a female wanting to buy these, would I select size 9 (cause that's what I am) or size 7 because of the size difference"

Dimensions: 22" W X 12.5" D X 12" H / Weight: 2 lbs

"Since this says "" Men's 8"" and im a female wanting to buy these, would I select size 9 (cause that's what I am) or size 7 because of the size difference"

They also have it available in womans sizes

"How much does this boot weigh?"

This is going to weigh about 5 to 6 lbs.

"is it a steel toe boot?"

it has a composite safety toe, and no they do not look at this as a steel toe.