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Kemp USA Mylar Emergency Blanket



The KEMP Small Foil Blanket is a multipurpose first aid blanket.

Body warmth maintenance, emergency shelter, protection from the weather, reflective distress signal, and protective wrap for victims of fire, accidents, exposure and shock. The aluminized non-stretch polyester reflects body heat back to the user and stays flexible in freezing temperatures. It’s extremely lightweight and compact, and fits easily into first aid kits, fannypacks, pockets, bags and glove compartments. It’s windproof and waterproof and will not rot or mildew.

  • Protective wrap for victims of fire, accidents, exposure, and shock
  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Fits easily into first aid kits, fannypacks, pockets, bags, and glove compartments
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Will not rot or mildew
  • Dimensions: 56" x 80"
  • Weight: 0.25 lbs.

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Love my Mylar Emergency Blanket!!


Tried it first on top of my sheet...like an electric blanket on high andI cooked, so put on top my first blanket...Same result, so put on top my second blanket Perfect choice! I taped it on across the top and down one side, so it wouldn't float! Really comfortable and in the right place!! I bought extras to help others here when the power fails!

Very compact, ready for emergency use


I bought 3 for my car and 2 each for my son's trucks. They are very compact and convenient, take up almost no room so they are always available in case of emergency and are also very light weight.

GREAT for me but better for the homeless I hand them to!


I love these! Gave them to my kids and their friends in their stocking for Christmas and always have them in my car to hand to homeless people with care packs. It makes me feel better knowing they will sleep warmer/dryer at night!


"Size of blanket ?"

Per the description on the website: "" -Dimensions: 56"" x 80""""

"Is it reusable?"

Depending on your intended use it could be re-used if needed. The main concern would be contamination from BBP's.

"Can Mylar e used to reflect temps of 180 Deg.F with out melting?"

You'd have to confirm with the manufacturer for specific information such as this..these blankets are marketed to be utilized to maintain the body temperature of a patient suffering an emergency incident in which they are losing thermic heat, not as a protective shield against high thermic exposure.

"Can I use them on my windows?"

We do not have anything that states you can not use them on your windows.

"Is the Mylar blanket safe to use with an AED"

Due to this item being made out of foil it is not ideal to have it on a patient while using an AED.

"What is the highest temperature that this blanket resist?"

This blanket works in adding the user by reflecting heat from their own body back to them. It is not designed for a specific temperature.

"can i get a larger mylar size ?? 60"" x 90"" - 70"" x 100"""

We do have another size mylar blanket on our site that is 62"" x 82"". Search the following part number in our search bar, CB-6831. There you can pick the size you are looking for.

"Can this product be used over matters to keep cold from penetrating Is this material crinkly sounding to lay on?"

This product works by taking the heat from what it is wrapped around and helping to conduct the heat to keep the person warm. It will not work around items that are not already warm. It does have a crinkly sound to it.

"Can this be used to protect a person from fire for example running out of a burning building?"

This product is not designed to protect a person while escaping a fire. It is designed to help a person retain body heat when needed.

"What are the dimensions of the blanket in it's packaging. I want to make a kit for the glove compartment and need to know if it will fit in the container I'm using."

The dimensions in the packaging are; 3.45"" W x 4.85"" L x .65"" H