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Kemp USA Grey Blanket, Wool Blend

$9.08 - $22.35
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Wool blankets are one of the main items Kemp is known for.

In the past, Kemp has made them for a small group of dealers but now they've decided to catalog them for all dealers. The blankets have been used as relief blankets, hospital blankets, military blankets, hotel blankets, donation blankets, disaster supply, horse blankets, refugee blankets and humanitarian aid blankets.
  • The Kemp 30% wool blanket is a great all around blanket.
  • The Kemp 50% Wool Blanket is ideal for moderate climates and is best for emergency relief. It’s made of 50% wool and 50% synthetic fibers. This blanket is a great economical choice.
  • The Kemp 80% Wool Blanket is the perfect choice to meet the many needs of humanitarian relief. This is one of the finest wool blankets you can buy. This blanket is made for cold climates and is extremely durable. It’s made of 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibers.
  • Dimensions: 60" x 84"


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good value for humanitarian donations for refugees


good stuff


"What are the dimensions of the grey blanket, wool blend?"

Tex, Color: Grey Product Dimensions: 60"" x 90"" Product Weight: 3 lbs

"What are the dimensions of these?"

60"" X 90""

"What are the dimensions of these blankets?"

They are 60"" X 90""

"can this blanket be machine washed/dried?"

You should be able to, directions should be on the tag, we wouldn't recommend you wash it with your normal wash, do it by itself/separately.

"how do you wash this blanket?"

Our blankets are typical of all wool products, they are machine washable but will shrink if dried in a dryer.

"Are these blankets hard or soft?"

Hi, we see this as something the customer will decide, whats hard to you might be soft to me. Also over time as it is used and washed it should soften up more.

"There are 2 photographs of the blanket on the website; if it's the same product, why do they look different and how do I know which one I am ordering?"

The images are depicting 2 different blankets. One image is for the 30% wool blanket, the other is for 80% wool blanket. You order the different products via the product variation selections on the web listing of the product.

"What is the size of this blanket? Is this a soft Blanket? Can it be washed? How many of these can I get per-shipment?"

The blanket dimensions are 60"" x 90"". The softness of the blanket depends on what you consider to be soft. A general rule is that the higher the wool content the softer they will be. Also the more you wash them the softer they get. These blankets can be washed. They should be washed like any other wool product. You can order as many blankets as you would like. Feel free to call our customer care center to have them help you place the order and determine the shipping costs.

"What are the dimensions of this blanket?"

All of the blanket options are 60"" x 90""

"Do you have the 50% or 80% blankets in stock? Which would you prefer for giving to the homeless?"

These items ship directly from the manufacturer and are not kept in stock in our warehouse. The 50% blanket currently has a lead time of 2 weeks for delivery to you and the 80% is a 1 week lead time for delivery. Either off these blankets would be good for the homeless. Depending on the temperatures they are encountering the 80% is going to be warmer.

"what is the weight of the blanket? Is it thick and heavy?"

Weights of the blankets are as follows: 30% 3 lbs This is a thin blanket 50% 4 lbs This is a thin blanket 80% 5 lbs This is a very thick blanket.

"Would this be a good blanket for distribution to homeless in a cold weather climate?"

This would be a good blanket to distribute to the homeless. It is a wool blend which will help to keep in warmth.