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KLAT Steering Wheel Cover Device



When seconds count and safety is everything...

The Klatt Locking Airbag Tool (KLAT) will be there to protect you and your patient!  This device will prevent a possible fatal/non-fatal injury to the first responder and patient during a vehicle crash extrication following an airbag deployment

The Problem: 
  • First responders are at risk responding to car accidents where air bags haven’t deployed yet.
  • Steering wheel airbags deploy anywhere from 100-200mph
  • Airbags are primed to deploy in collisions at speeds as low as 28mph
  • Airbags can and will deploy without an active electrical connection
  • Over 20 first responders are injured every year by post crash airbags deploying.
  • Sadly every year at least one first responder is fatally injured from airbag deployment.
The Solution
  • The KLAT is proven safe and effective through 100’s of rigorous tests performed by forensic mechanics.
  • Remove KLAT from protective bag.
    • Holding handle in one hand and cinch in the other, place KLAT device over steering wheel with logo facing driver.
    • Pull cinch line until device is secure around steering wheel.
    • Rescue Driver.
  • Lift cam on cinch to release cinch line, Remove device from steering wheel and replace in protective bag.
The KLAT device must be inspected after each use and every 6 months for signs of wear and fraying. The cinch device shall be inspected for proper movement of cam, cinch line, holding teeth, and damage. The KLAT device must be removed from service in 24 months (2 years), or in the event of an airbag deployment.

  • Nylon webbing
  • 20 oz PVC Vinyl Scrim Fabric
  • 5mm Braided Polyester Cord
  • Basic Petzl rope clamp

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