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FoxFire Illuminating Leather Radio Strap

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MN8-Foxfire has collaborated with Box Alarm Leather,

another fellow firefighter owned and operated company, to add Foxfire’s advanced photoluminescent technologies to Box Alarm’s firefighter products.

These products combine MN8-Foxfire’s advanced illumination technology with 3M’s flame resistant reflective fabric and Box Alarm Leather’s lifetime guaranteed products made from high quality bridle leather. Shown with anti-sway, not included

The Illuminating Foxfire/Box Alarm Leather Radio Straps are made with 8-10 oz. bridle leather that comes from hides that are tanned in the United States, combined with Foxfire’s advanced illumination technology. This technology enables the radio straps to illuminate in dark and smoky conditions. 
  • Available in SM, Regular, XL and XXL sizes that are adjustable to fit.
    • Small (52 – 60”)
    • Regular (56 – 64”)
    • XL (60 – 68”)
    • XXL (64 – 72”)
  • Straps cut into 1 ¼” widths and are built using techniques used by Amish farmers
  • Built using a combination of heavy stitching and riveting 
  • Can be charged quickly and repeatedly by any light source, will illuminate surroundings for hours when fully charged
  • Lifetime guarantee

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Not for under turnouts


I use it on ems calls to increase my disability.


"How do I determine what size I need?"

Nancy, they don't offer up a rule of thumb for how to size, from past experience pending how tall you are I'm going to suggest you use the size of your suspenders for your bunker pants. we size people for suspenders by measuring from the left front of your pant up over your left shoulder and down to your right rear button for your suspenders. that should give you a pretty good idea what size you will need, remember this is adjustable 2, 3, or 4 inch's. Hope this helps you.

"What is the difference in the 3 sizes?"

Rob you can find this at the bottom of our web page,I copied & pasted it here for you. Available in SM, Regular, XL and XXL sizes that are adjustable to fit. Small (52 - 60") Regular (56 - 64") XL (60 - 68") XXL (64 - 72")

"Does this strap come the a mic holder clip on it"

Joey, sorry no mic holders

"Even though mic clips are shown in the product picture, they are not on the actual product?"

Are you telling us you received this without the 2 mic holder that are shown in the illustration on our web page, because they should be with the strap?

"Does this come with the mic holder loops on the strap?? The Previous Q&As seem to contradict each other."

Hi Ed, you are correct in your reference as to not really knowing the correct answer; As of today and a phone conversation with FoxFire the correct ansewer is yes it comes with the mic loops. We were sent their pictures for us to add to our web site and today they told us their pictures are wrong, and they be forwarding us new pictures to correct this. But you do get the mic loops.

"Are there two different colors / versions of this? When I click the different pictures, they seem different in color."

Greg what you are seeing is the Glow in the dark and the daylight version's, with the brighter one the glow in the dark model

"I am wondering if I could get the foxfire reflective put onto an XG-25 holster?"

We have looked for this XG-25, who is the mfg. ?

"I am wondering if I could get the foxfire reflective put onto an XG-25 holster?"

Boston Leather

"Is this available in the small size?"

This is only available in Regular and XLarge.