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FirstSpear Tactical Neckie

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Tactical Neckie

Built with a tight, open mesh design for breathability, the Neckie is a tube that can be worn as a turtleneck, hat or even a hasty balaclava.

The mesh design aids in preventing your goggles from fogging up when you wear it over your mouth. Low profile pile attachment points in key areas let you put on IFF as required.

With a variety of uses and extremely lightweight, the Neckie is something you don’t want to go outside the wire without!
Constructed from FirstSpear ACM Base 100 - 38% Wool, 50% Polyester, 12% Modal

FirstSpear is excited to bring you ACM, the latest advancement in fabric technology. ACM (Advanced Clothing Materials) is 100% sourced verified American Merino Wool combined with FirstSpear’s other quality materials. By using a unique blend of each product, FirstSpear is able to tailor each item to its intended purpose.

By using Merino Wool, FirstSpear is able to capitalize on all the naturally occurring material characteristics you desire. Merino Wool is packed with a huge range of high-performance benefits for wherever your adventure takes you. It is the world’s finest wool; it feels soft and is lightweight. It allows you to ditch the itch thanks to the finer fiber’s smaller diameter. It helps to regulate your body temperature better than any synthetic fabric and will keep you comfortable in a wide range of temperatures.
When it is warm outside the wool will wick moisture away from the skin and into the air, keeping you cool. When it is cold outside the wool will trap the warm air and keep you comfortable. Merino wool can absorb up to 30 percent of its weight in moisture and still maintain its ability to insulate, keeping you dry and warm when you’re out in the elements. While the core of the Merino fiber is capable of absorbing up to a third of its dry weight in moisture, the surface or Merino fibers have a waxy coating that repels liquids. This surface layer is not easily removed by washing or processing. Water droplets on the surface of Merino will bead and roll off instead of being absorbed into the fabric.

Merino wool also has the highest natural fire resistance of all commonly used textile fibers. The outer layer of wool fibers has a high concentration of fatty acids, which have anti-bacterial properties, which also helps to diminish body odor. Merino wool is a completely renewable fiber source; Merino sheep produce a new fleece every year. It is also composed of a natural protein that is biodegradable. When disposed of, Merino wool decomposes in the soil in a matter of years. Patent Pending


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