TheFireStore Exclusive BlazeGuard Reflective Glow Decals 8 Pack Glow Tetrahedrons w/ Reflective Diamond Plate Design

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TheFireStore Exclusive BlazeGuard Reflective Glow Decals 8 Pack Tetrahedrons with Diamond Plate Design

Dimensions: 1" x 3"
8 Pack

BlazeGuard Reflective Glow Decals, exclusively available at TheFireStore - the ultimate safety solution for firefighters. Crafted to elevate visibility in all conditions, our innovative products are an essential addition to any firefighter's gear arsenal.

As darkness descends, our decals awaken, emitting a potent glow that ensures your visibility remains unwavering in low-light situations. But their brilliance doesn't end there - when illuminated by light, they reflect a dazzling silver, further enhancing your visibility and ensuring you stand out in any environment.

These Helmet Tetreherons are expertly engineered to seamlessly integrate onto firefighter helmets, providing comprehensive 360-degree visibility.

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